Date icon21 June 2022

Access, time-keeping management and security are important to every business, and with so many suppliers available on the market, it can be challenging to know who you can trust and build a partnership with. As businesses needs to change and develop, the partnership needs to grow as well. That’s why, here at TouchStar ATC, we can expand with you, making your choice a simple one.

With over 50 years of experience, we pride ourselves on building meaningful relationships with our customers and providing end-to-end in-house hardware and software solutions tailored to your business. We work across a range of sectors such as commercial, manufacturing, healthcare, retail and warehousing, offering customised systems to meet the needs of each business and each sector. Whether you’re looking for an access control, time management or CCTV provider, consider TouchStar.  

High-quality support

Our UK-based team is on hand to offer dedicated, responsive and effective support to ensure the continued optimised running of your business. Our five-step process ensures your needs can be effectively met and continuously supported throughout our partnership.

  • Consultation and initial specification. By reviewing your existing business processes and systems, we use our experience to develop and propose a tailor-made solution, customised to meet your needs.
  • Site surveys. After our consultation, we will conduct a full on-site survey which provides us with a full understanding of the problem so we can offer an appropriate solution.
  • Installation. Once you’re happy, system installation is managed by our team of UK-based engineers who will ensure thorough testing is completed for effective deployment.
  • Ongoing training andsupport. Following satisfactory installation, our team will provide full training so you and your team can fully capitalise on the system’s benefits, as well as enjoy ongoing support.
  • Finance. Not only can we help you identify the cost-benefits and payback period, but we also offer finance options to support the proposal.  

Expert team

Over the past 50 years, we have continuously learned and grown in experience, all of which we channel to help our customers achieve their goals. We understand that each sector faces its own challenges during its operations and use this knowledge to tailor each solution to the problem. By going the extra mile and helping our customers in the best way we can, each issue can be resolved in a timely manner, leaving both sides satisfied with a job well done. 

The capabilities we have here at TouchStar allow us to deploy the best solution, whether that’s access control, time and attendance, CCTV or a mixture of the three. Our expert team, after the initial consultation, offers a system to fit your business’ environment and ongoing strategy, through a combination of new hardware and software, as well as integration with existing systems. We work hard to understand your business and site so everything is customised to your needs.  

End-to-end solutions

With our access control, time and attendance and CCTV systems, we work to create a solution tailored to a business’ needs, covering all the necessary areas for security and personnel management. We work to address key issues such as:

  • Identifying, verifying and authorising employee and visitor access rights
  • Compliance with workplace legislation
  • Safeguarding both people and property

Our systems are designed to be simple, cost-effective and intuitive, as well as scalable for any business size, covering multiple sites where needed, so your business is future-proofed against potential changes. The aim is to reduce administration and paperwork while increasing transparency and providing instant access to critical data when needed. We aim to be a one-stop shop for all your safeguarding needs.  

NSI Gold standard

The NSI standard is a widely recognised mark of approval for all things security and fire safety. It tells customers that the supplier meets the high standards in technical competence, professionalism and trustworthiness.

We’re proud to have our NSI Gold Accreditation for our Access Control, CCTV and Intruder Systems since 2015 and undergo rigorous assessments every year to ensure we maintain such a high standard. This includes checking all of our physical work that we’re meeting and understanding all our customer’s requirements and that our fittings meet our customer’s expectations. We also keep up with the latest industry developments and codes of practice to ensure we are offering our customers the best service they deserve.  

Find out more 

If you’re looking for a new access control, time management or CCTV solution or simply want to chat about your options, get in touch with us, or read our latest buyers guides for more information; access control and CCTV.