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What CCTV recorder will work for you?

If you are wondering what CCTV recorders are best suited to your security operations, then there are many options to consider.

Requirements will depend on your financial plan, the scale of your operation, the extent of scalability and functionalities required, and the level of technical expertise needed to maintain the system.

At TouchStar, our dedicated team can provide the experience to help you specify and install the best fit commercial CCTV systems for your security operations. Here, we have provided an overview of the different recorder options that are available to support your CCTV system installation:

CCTV recorder types


Facilitating cost-effective CCTV system installations, a Digital Video Recorder, or DVR, is an electronic device designed to record video content in a digital format. This content is typically archived on a disc, USB drive, memory card, or within a local or networked mass storage system. DVRs are deployed in conjunction with analogue cameras, connected via coaxial cables.


DVR system installations are perfect for older buildings with an existing analogue camera infrastructure or pre-existing systems in place. They are a perfect option for higher security facilities such as data centre or storage due to analogue connection providing better protection against cybercrime.


DVR systems are typically more complex and disruptive to install as it involves a dedicated wired installation. Furthermore, its quality of image and reliance on proximity to a power source can sometimes compromise the effectiveness of the system.

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Network Video Recorders, or NVR systems provide a fully digital CCTV solution. They use internet protocol (IP) and optional wireless security cameras, sending video data over a secure internet connection to a centralised NVR recorder.


As a networked or wireless system, NVR systems are much easier to install, which is of particular benefit to complex operations where dedicated wired installations are not feasible. They offer more advanced security management features such as digital audio, video analytics, motion detection and object classification. Furthermore, they offer a great deal of flexibility, as effectively limitless numbers of cameras can be connected to the same network, however compatibility with the NVR recorder must be checked.


Whilst NVR'S are less complex to install, it is worth noting that systems that are installed on existing networks may require a mix of additional technical resources due to their advanced functionality.

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Cloud NVR (Cloud Network Video Recorder)

Cloud NVRs provide an innovative and hassle-free solution. From a cabling perspective, they are a lot simpler to install and therefore less intrusive and disruptive to an operation. In small camera installations, these solutions can be particularly cost effective as they remove the need for additional hardware recorders.


Cloud NVR systems are perfect for large scale surveillance requirements, working seamlessly with one or even over 1000 cameras. They are quick and easy to install, with deployment only requiring a camera and a power over ethernet (POE) cable connection. Furthermore, installation can be easily undertaken in house providing the business has a sufficient understanding of the system specification and installation process.


Whilst Cloud NVR solutions offer a flexible and in a lot of cases a cost-effective solution, they may not be suitable for high security installations and may not be complaint with certain business security requirements.

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