Installation Services for Access Control, CCTV and T&A Projects

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Once the client has a clear vision of business need and a commitment to the scale and timing of the data capture project, TouchStar will assign personnel to the project management of the initial phases of implementation.

A Project Manager will be assigned to the client with the purpose of verifying the initial recommendation and undertaking the appropriate level of testing to support this process.

Developing a technical infrastructure to support the deployment of access control and T&A devices can be complex. Even for more simplistic hardware applications there may still be complex issues pertaining e.g. how to secure seamless data flow between various business packages.

Although the above represents the very early stages of the implementation of your mobile computing project, we’re convinced that the thoroughness with which we approach ALL facets of a project will be self-evident.

By this stage, most potential clients are convinced enough to entrust their project to TouchStar and to move rapidly to the commissioning and installation stage.


These stages are carried out with the same meticulous professionalism and attention to detail. All installations are carried out to the highest standards. TouchStar are NSI Gold approved meaning installations are completed to the following standards:


NCP-109 – Access Control

PD6662 – Intruder Alarms

As part of the NSI Gold accreditation TouchStar also have Safe Contractor and Construction Line.