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Evolution software is an integrated access control solution that has been designed to satisfy the complex security needs of the most demanding organisations, yet places control in the hands of the user. The system is easy to use and understand, with clear screens and a logical format.

The Access Control Evolution application is rich in features and consists of the following sections:

  • User Management
  • Facilities Management
  • Personnel Management
  • Reports Management
  • Real Time Monitoring
  • Visitor Management
  • Badge Production
  • Interface with HR & Payroll providers
  • Interface with best-of-breed peripheral hardware manufacturers

These modules enable the system user(s) to organise, define and manage all aspects of access control across either single or multiple sites. Designating complex staff access rights that match their flexible working patterns, or simply providing temporary

access to visitors requiring the use of the car park, can all be achieved with minimum effort.

Evolution sets new standards in providing a complete and integrated approach to the access control security issues of both now and the future. With the capability to seamlessly integrate with iEvo biometric readers, Abloy and SALTO systems products as well as our own, Evolution offers the best overall solution to your access control requirements.

For more information on our access control solutions or to request your free survey, please contact us on 0845 3379 155.

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TouchStar’s Visitor Management module allows site visitors to be incorporated into the access control system quickly and easily. The module will:

  • Manage temporary badges for visitors, contractors and employees
  • Control and track visitor movements
  • Establish who is on site at all times

Visits can be pre-booked and the system will automatically link all visitors (and their vehicles) to the site’s host, allowing them to be located quickly and easily. Visitor badges can be either pre-programmed to expire at a defined time and date, or can simply

be cancelled with the click of a button. An historical log of access details of all visitors to site can easily be obtained, along with images, from the reporting function that the module offers.

Badge Production

With TouchStar’s powerful access control Badge Production module you can create eye-catching, professional photo ID badges for employee identification, membership cards and security purposes.

The software enables you to import striking graphics as card backgrounds and personalise designs with your company’s logo, all in full colour. Badge templates can then be linked to information and photographs maintained in TouchStar’s Personnel Management module. Barcode printing are supported by the software. Fast and easy to use, our Badge Production module

creates superb results, regardless of the user’s design experience. The Badge Production software supports any Windows-compatible printer, ranging from basic colour inkjets to some PVC card printers.

In addition to core software, TouchStar can provide all of the other system components and consumables (printers, ribbons, cards, wristbands, lanyards etc) that will enable you to construct a full badge production facility. Contact your TouchStar Sales Representative for further information on 0845 3379 155 or at consumables@touchstar.co.uk