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How Will CCTV Video Analytics Benefit My Business?

If you are wondering what CCTV Video Analytic products will benefit your commercial security operations, then there are many options to consider.

Choosing the right CCTV Video Analytic products is crucial for effective commercial security. Video Analytics enhances monitoring, enabling intelligent decision-making and proactive responses. Through seamless integration of algorithmic analytics and machine learning, it identifies suspicious behaviour and converts video inputs into actionable intelligence.

TouchStar CCTV Video Analytics

At TouchStar, our dedicated team can provide the experience to help you specify the best fit video analytics products for your security operations. We offer scalable CCTV systems tailored to various business sizes, incorporating advanced features like machine learning-powered analytics and proactive motion detection.

Here, we have provided an overview of the different options that are available to complement your CCTV system installation:

Video Content Analytics

Optimise Security with Machine Learning Powered Recognition

With machine learning powered video content analytics, operators can find all recorded instances of a person or vehicle across their site. With object classification and automated machine notifications, potential security breaches can be identified easily, enabling an efficient and proactive response for optimised security operations.

TouchStar Machine Learning CCTV Content Analytics

Proactive Motion Detection

Instant Alerts for Enhanced Security

Motion Detection, a key feature of a camera or CCTV system, triggers real-time alerts upon detecting movement within the camera’s view. It identifies potential threats or suspicious objects, enabling swift action to be taken to prevent security breaches. With rule motion detection, it can also identify potentially hazardous situations, such as a vehicle travelling too fast, or the wrong way round a one way system. This proactive approach enhances the effectiveness of your security system.

TouchStar CCTV Motion Detection System

Enhanced Detail Monitoring

Optimise Security Investigations with Advanced Functionality

CCTV analytics provides greater detail to support efficient security investigations. Advanced functionality such as appearance search has the capability to significantly reduce security response times by quickly identifying objects, people or vehicles of interest. Additionally, ANPR capabilities can streamline plate capture and verification, integrating seamlessly with access control for enhanced security measures.

TouchStar CCTV Detail Monitoring System

CCTV Analytics and Sensor Integrations

Real Time Detection Insights for Proactive Security Management

The integration of CCTV video analytics and sensors can optimise business processes much further than just commercial security operations. By combining data such as perimeter and behaviour, video analytics identify and classify anomalies in real-time. Such data helps provide insights into traffic flows, helping identify hot spots and high traffic areas to improve the customer experience.

TouchStar CCTV Analytics and Sensor Integration Systems

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