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Complete Employee Time Clocking solutions for local and remote workers.

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Best fit Employee Time Clocking

TouchStar provide best fit employee clocking systems including hardware, data management and mobile app’s for both local and remote workforce management.

Employee Time Clocks

Designed for the most demanding of applications, TouchStar’s in-house manufactured clocking in machines are both robust and fit for purpose. Choose from proximity, fingerprint, card or face recognition hardware solutions deployed to your specific needs. Our devices support cutting edge technology for a wide range of leading industry specialists such as Suprema, ievo, Mifare, HID and Schlage.

TS2020 Employee Time Clock

We supply employee clocking-in hardware such as:

ID Card reader
Fingerprint Recognition
Facial Recognition
Mobile Credentials

Employee Time Tracking for Remote Workers

TouchStar’s GeoConnectMe is a mobile time clock app that provides time and attendance functionality for use in remote locations. Clear, intuitive and user friendly, location is determined through standard GPS technology with GPRS data download direct into TouchStar’s back-end software.

GeoConnectMe Mobile Time Clock App

Time Clocking Data Integration TouchStar Fastlane Logo

Based upon Microsoft Azure’s cloud computing service, TouchStar’s FastLane helps users effectively manage their time and attendance data, with API integration into HR and other core systems to facilitate accurate reporting and effective data management.

Time Clocking Data Integration

Time and Attendance Peripherals / Accessories

Alongside our Time and Attendance Solutions, TouchStar also provide a range of additional peripherals and accessories. From cards and ribbons, through to lanyards and badge holders.

Time and Attendance peripheral add-ons

Need Advice?

Our team of experts are on hand to help you select the right time and attendance solution which best suits your needs, just call on 0845 3379 155 or send us an email.

Need advice on time and attendance systems?

What our customers say


The system has been hugely successful; it is simple to use and quick to deploy. Thanks to TouchStar, we have key members of our team that are fully trained and experienced in both installing and relocating hardware across all the sites we service, a simple process that only takes 30 minutes per device. The user friendliness of our system means we have the buy in of all team members and as a result we have seen both cost and efficiency benefits for both our HR and Payroll functions.



The system has been well received by everyone at Autobrite. Since the deployment of the Nohmad’, we have seen huge benefits for the business. Accurate clocking information is critical to ensure we can perform our payroll processes quickly and efficiency, since the system was installed, the number of payroll-based queries and administrative errors have disappeared. With access to key data, we have absolute confidence in the processes we now have in place.



Through our CoolCare4 software you can monitor and manage the hours worked by staff members in the home, thanks in part to the live information from TouchStar’s clocking-in machines. That equated to a reduction of 335,000 hours of potentially overpaid hours and a lot less time spent by users having to manually check all entries!


Frequently asked questions

You may have a lot of questions about Time and Attendance Systems such as how it works, what the benefits are, or how it can be integrated with existing security solutions. If you do, read our Time and Attendance FAQs page here or get in touch with our expert team who can answer any of your questions.

  • What is a Time and Attendance System?

    Simply put, a Time and Attendance System enables an employer to monitor employees’ working hours – even in real-time – to ensure that schedules are kept to, legislation regarding permitted hours is abided by, compulsory break times are applied and much more.
  • Why do I need a Time and Attendance System?

    Time and attendance systems can help a business in many ways, from accurately monitoring employees who are early, late or absent, to tracking production efficiency or even handling high-traffic shift changes more effectively.
  • What are the benefits of using a Time and Attendance System?

    There are many benefits of using Time and Attendance software including:
    • Reduce the payroll costs by accurately monitoring your staff’s time and attendance, reducing any potential errors.
    • Keep your employees informed.
    • Prevent time fraud or payroll abuse by ensuring only employees check themselves in and out.
    • Get time and attendance reports and review the data whenever you need to.
    • Simpler system for employees by reducing any manual paperwork.
  • How will a Time and Attendance System help me manage my team better?

    With the clocks giving a definitive time stamp on when the transaction occurs it will eliminate any ‘grey areas’ when measuring attendance, and also aid the costing of jobs.
  • Are your solutions compliant with employment and workplace legislation?

    Automated time and attendance systems help to ensure that workers’ schedules conform to legislation relating to permitted working hours, compulsory break times and so on. You can’t manage what you aren’t measuring.

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