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What CCTV cameras will work for you?

If you are wondering what CCTV cameras are best suited to your security operations, then there are many options to consider. From Bullet and Dome, through to Turret and Wireless there are several camera types, each of which can be manufactured to suit specific environments, lighting conditions and image/zooming requirements.

At TouchStar, our dedicated team can provide the experience to help you specify and install the best fit cameras for your security operations. Here, we have provided an overview of the different camera options that are available to support your CCTV system installation:

CCTV camera types

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Consisting of a compact dome casing that provides an enclosed lens cover, fixed dome cameras are best suited to locations where a fixed/unchangeable camera angle is required. Due to the casing type, dome cameras are best suited to ceiling installations to avoid moisture build up on the lens.

Fixed dome CCTV camera


With fixed turret cameras, viewing angles can be easily repositioned making it clear which direction the camera is pointing in. Designed with a flat front, turret cameras are great for wall mounted locations which minimises precipitation clinging to the lens.

Fixed turret CCTV cameras


Easy to install and position, a bullet camera provides an imposing visual deterrent against unwanted activity. Housed in a bullet shaped casing, the addition of in-built heather, rain shields and wiper options, these cameras are particularly suited for cold, wet, and rainy working environments.

Bullet CCTV Cameras


Perfect for temporary sites or those that do not have the infrastructure to support wired connectivity, solar panel cameras are a cost-efficient solution for those looking for a true cable free set up.

Solar power CCTV cameras

Automatic Number-Plate Recognition Cameras (ANPR CAMERAS)

ANPR cameras can be used to read and create a database of number plates. These types of cameras can be configured to integrate many different security systems, such as with access control, whereby barriers and gates may automatically open if the vehicle is on the database or trigger an audible alarm if the vehicle has not been recognised.

Automatic number-plate recognition cameras (ANPR)

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