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Time & Attendance – Frequently Asked Questions

How can time and attendance systems improve workforce management?

Time & attendance solutions are designed to be simple and intuitive. But don’t be deceived, these systems can be powerful tools to drive operational efficiencies, automate key workforce management processes to reduce costs and provide real-time management visibility.

TouchStar Sales Account Manager, Ian Linstrem, looks at some of the most frequently asked questions around time & attendance and explains how TouchStar’s solutions solve many modern workforce management issues.

What is a Time & Attendance System?

Simply put, a time and attendance system enables an employer to monitor employees’ working hours – even in real-time – to ensure that schedules are kept to, legislation regarding permitted hours is abided by, compulsory break times are applied and much more.

Why do I need a Time & Attendance System?

Time and attendance systems can help a business in many ways, from accurately monitoring employees who are early, late or absent, to tracking production efficiency or even handling high-traffic shift changes more effectively.

What are the benefits of using a Time & Attendance System?

There are many benefits of using time and attendance software including:

  • Reduce the payroll costs by accurately monitoring your staff's time and attendance, reducing any potential errors
  • Keep your employees informed
  • Prevent time fraud or payroll abuse by ensuring only employees check themselves in and out
  • Get time and attendance reports and review the data whenever you need to
  • Simpler system for employees by reducing any manual paperwork

How does Time & Attendance technology work?

TouchStar Time & Attendance hardware can be used in conjunction with either TouchStar’s own or a partner’s data collection software. The user would register ‘in’ at the clock using the desired media. The employee would then register as ‘out’ on a clock when the day is complete. The clock can then send the relevant employee, date and time data to back office systems so that total times can be measured and reviewed.

Will I have to replace the hardware I already have?

TouchStar is always developing the available hardware and therefore it would be advisable to have the most up-to-date hardware. Our goal is to provide continued support and this can only be done on available hardware.

What if I already have an Access Control solution?

If you’re using an access control system, we can identify the best way to also use the media of this system for the time and attendance as well. This avoids having to use two types of media which saves administration time and cost.

Should we use biometric Time and Attendance or keycards and key fobs?

The choice is completely up to you and will depend on business to business.

Biometric time and attendance is the more sophisticated option, using only a fingerprint, pupil or facial recognition to clock employees in and out of work. It works well at preventing fraudulent attendance and is ideal for highly secure buildings but can be expensive to install.

In comparison, the digital time and attendance option using either keycards or key fobs are a more cost-effective solution for many businesses. In a lot of circumstances, the time and attendance terminals are cheaper to purchase but the cost of replacing keycards and fobs can be costly to replace.

How will a Time & Attendance system improve security?

A few of the TouchStar clocks can be used as a single-door access system. This will allow only the employees registered to the terminal for time and attendance to gain access to the premises, stopping unauthorised personnel from entering the building or grounds.

Can a Time and Attendance solution be combined with an access control system?

Access control helps businesses manage their employee's and visitors’ access rights in one place, whereas time and attendance track employees working hours. The two systems can be integrated, where the access control directly feeds into time and attendance meaning that when employees use their access rights to enter the premises, they are clocked in.

How will a Time & Attendance system help me manage my team better?

With the clocks giving a definitive time stamp on when the transaction occurs it will eliminate any ‘grey areas’ when measuring attendance, and also aid the costing of jobs.

Are your solutions compliant with employment and workplace legislation?

Automated time and attendance systems help to ensure that workers’ schedules conform to legislation relating to permitted working hours, compulsory break times and so on. You can’t manage what you aren’t measuring.

Can Touchstar’s Time & Attendance solution integrate with my core business systems?

TouchStar has all the available API and integration tools to enable third-party software to work seamlessly with Hardware solutions.

Do you offer an end-to-end Time and Attendance solution?

We have a cloud-based Time & Attendance solution called Fastlane that helps users effectively manage their time and attendance data. With API integration into HR and other core systems, it can facilitate accurate reporting and effective data management. It’s also a completely scalable system that delivers benefits to companies of all sizes.

Can you provide a mobile clocking device?

Yes, we have the Nohmad unit which uses GPRS. It simply requires a mains plug or even a power outlet in the car to be operated and is perfect for remote or temporary locations.

We can also provide the GeoConnect-Me mobile phone app for iOS and Android for use in remote locations. It’s a cost-effective, cloud-based solution which allows employees to clock in and out, with their location, in real-time. It’s easy to use, helps improve operational efficiency and improves data accuracy.

Where should I place Time & Attendance clocking device?

When deciding on the best location for your time and attendance units, consider the most popular entrance point, break room or near work stations. You want to make it as easy as possible for your staff to use them.

Our TS2020 units would suit any office or clean factory environment, but we can also provide a rugged IP-rated version with waterproofing for wash-down areas and dust resistance for use in harsh environments.

If I manage multiple locations, can I monitor Time and Attendance from a central office?

Yes, with Fastlane managers can log in and see all of their live devices, all entries from users coming in or going out and it would all be in real-time. They can also run reports to drill into entries from the previous day, week month or whatever parameters need to be viewed.

Do you support biometrics Time and Attendance clocking devices?

Yes! We already have fingerprint solutions available for our TS2020 and Nohmad units, and we have recently added the Suprema facial recognition devices to our hardware portfolio.