Hidden Access Controllers

Discreet, secure and unobtrusive entry to your building, premises, or facilities.

Hidden Access Controllers

At TouchStar, our dedicated team have access to the latest security products that enable us to specify and install best fit hidden access control systems for a wide variety of applications and environments.

From controlling one door to managing multi-site operations, TouchStar’ s range of access controllers can be configured within our Evolution access control software to trigger an audible alarm in the event of a security breach such as unauthorised entry, tailgating, non-entry and obstruction.

Access Controlled
Door Alert Systems

These types of system provide a discreet design to prevent unauthorised entry to high security area. Access controllers of this nature effectively secure open doors, monitoring access by using multiple infrared beams and offering accurate anti-tailgate protection to enhance security and safety. Coupled with triggered security alerts, they can facilitate a proactive response to any potential security breach.

Access Controlled Door Alert Systems

Speedgates and
Optical Turnstiles

Speedgates replace the need for an obtrusive physical barrier by utilising active infra-red beams to create an invisible field between two pedestals, monitoring the passage of every individual entering and leaving a facility. Compared to Speedgates, Optical Turnstiles add in a discrete glass barrier where a physical deterrent is required. These types of access controllers allows for an obvious entrance point but without a physical barrier so remains inviting.

Speedgates and Optical Turnstiles

Request to Exit –
PIR Motion Sensors

A request to exit PIR motion detector provides an efficient means of exiting a building. More commonly used in retail or office environments, they detect people approaching, automatically releasing the door without any other intervention. PIR motion sensors are easy to install and provide precise detection for a wide variety of applications.

Request to Exit

Integration Platforms

For companies that are looking for a more integrated solution, our middleware platform Evolink offers a means of integrating other databases into your access control system. As such, HR and Payroll systems or forklift truck and cashless vending databases can populate or be populated from the same database. Integrating the inputs and out puts of these systems including CCTV or intruder to name a couple to allow one system to achieve an output of another.

Integration Platforms

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