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CCTV Systems
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CCTV Systems for Businesses

Commercial CCTV systems are designed to help businesses manage the safety and security of people, property, and assets. At TouchStar, our dedicated team of engineers provide the experience to help you optimise your security operations. From single site to large scale multi-site operations, our modular system provides a complete solution that is designed to fit companies of all sizes and is scalable to grow with the company.

Standalone or Integrated CCTV

Our systems can operate as stand-alone CCTV or be integrated into other security systems. We support the installation of fit for purpose and tailored solutions based upon advanced technology and cutting-edge brands such as Avigilon, HIK Vision and Bosch to name a few.

CCTV Cameras

From simple fixed dome and fully functional/360 degree thermal through to anti-corrosion varifocal bullets and explosion-proof cameras, there are an array of camera options that can enable you to build a best fit security system. Our range of cameras are ideal for either fixed or temporary installations within both internal and harsher external or underwater environments.

CCTV Cameras


We offer a wide range of CCTV recorders to suit the customer requirement. This can be:
  • A simple standalone CCTV recorder
  • Networked with Power Over Ethernet (POE).
  • Hybrid – Utilising existing analogue CCTV camera for a seamless upgrade towards to full IP system.
  • Full IP System – Incorporating the latest standards with compression for smarter storage.
  • Built in smart machine learning for analytical data flag and search.
CCTV Recorder

Commercial CCTV System Monitoring

At TouchStar ATC our Commercial CCTV Monitoring service ensures that any property is fully safeguarded and protected, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. CCTV monitoring can be used to optimise existing manned security operations or for to provide additional safeguarding around empty premises or out of hours operations. We partner with leading providers to facilitate complete system integrations such as Remote Guard tour, Entry/Exit Management, Lone Worker Protection and Supervised Access Control.

CCTV System Monitoring

Enhanced System Intelligence

From appearance search, AI / Machine Learning powered appearance search motion detection and ANPR, TouchStar’s CCTV systems can integrate a number of sophisticated Video Analytics products that help detect, verify and pro-actively respond to critical events in real time.

Enhanced CCTV System Intelligence

NSI Gold Design, Installation and Maintenance

At TouchStar, we offer a range of integral and additional enhanced services to support the optimised running of your CCTV system. We can offer both full system implementations or easy and cost-effective hybrid upgrade paths to the latest IP technology without the need for full scale system replacements.

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What our customers say


TouchStar worked efficiently from site survey, to quote and then order. We were very impressed with how they managed this project from start to finish, overcoming unseen hurdles such as inclement weather and having to unexpectedly upgrade the perimeter cameras to provide the network connectivity required. We would recommend TouchStar to anybody looking for a robust and reliable CCTV system



We attach the highest priority to student wellbeing and, thanks to the TouchStar solution, we are better equipped to maintain an environment where our students can enjoy university life confident that their security is in safe hands.



We felt that TouchStar was a stable and reliable partner based in the UK with a wide range of technical knowledge and experience in the fields that the project required, the people we had dealt instilled confidence that TouchStar could meet our requirements.


CCTV – Frequently asked questions

You may have a lot of questions about Commercial CCTV Systems such as what the benefits are, what technologies are better suited to different scenarios or how can CCTV be integrated with existing security solutions. If you do, read our FAQ page here or get in touch with our expert team who can answer any of your questions.


    Safety is a big priority for a lot of companies and CCTV is a very useful tool to have. For instance, university campuses like to deploy it to keep students safe as they cross the site, particularly at night. Universities can have upwards of 700 cameras to survey a 60+ acre site. The goal is to provide 90%+ coverage to significantly improve the ‘eyes and ears’ of the security team and the overall confidence students have in safety. We worked with Aston University to do just that, using over 550 cameras across their campus.

    Similarly, hospitals such as Kidderminster Hospital have CCTV in place to ensure staff safety or for exceptional circumstances where prisoner patients are admitted for example.

    Then there are more industrial uses. Manufacturers use cameras to maintain high levels of health and safety by ensuring machinery isn’t causing a risk, and that operators working on their own are safe.

    It’s also useful for managing people flows. We work with a number of private and public companies that use it in their foyers to help manage who is coming in and out of their buildings, including The Greater Birmingham & Solihull Institute of Technology (GBSIoT). In the same way, they use it on gates to manage what vehicles are entering and leaving their site. This can also be useful if there is an incident because management teams can track back and piece together a train of events to establish what happened and prevent it from happening again.

    We’ve also worked with companies that need to keep products safe. Persimmon Homes produces material that is stored outside, so their own factory is likely to be targeted by criminals or opportunists. Using a thermal imaging curtain around the site, system alerts are sent to the management teams and remote monitoring partner when there is unusual activity and the curtain is breached. It also monitors trucks coming in and going off-site.


    They don’t need to be at all. Some systems due to their size or age can be a large project to upgrade but if planned properly this does not have to mean complicated. With the right project management team, you can have a seamless installation. A staged approach is always best as the site in most cases needs to continue to operate regardless of the change. Working from the most vulnerable and sensitive areas down to the common and well-covered areas is a good start.

    A good tip when looking for a CCTV provider is to check their previous works and their installation standards, but also their approach to planning and fitting. They should fully document how they will take on the transition and maintenance thereafter.


    If you are filming using a CCTV system then people need to be aware of it so make sure your business complies with all aspects of the law, and that you inform the Information Commissioner’s Office. GDPR is another important consideration, especially when it comes to the length of file storage and retrieval within 30 days if someone requests to see it. Our specialist team can advise you on legal CCTV compliance, as well as the most suitable solutions for your organisation and its unique security needs.

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