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Employee Clock In Hardware

Designed with ease in mind, our range of clocking machines support advanced technology from industry specialists such as Suprema, ievo, Mifare and HID. Integrating proximity, fingerprint and facial recognition, our UK based engineers will help you specify the best fit clocking machine for your requirements, managing both the testing and deployment process to ensure you get the best return from your investment.

Data Management

For seamless time and attendance data management, all TouchStar clock machines seamlessly integrate with our cloud-based time and attendance platform. With our FastLane data management platform, users can effectively handle their time and attendance data. Moreover, our system offers API integration with HR, Payroll, and other core systems, ensuring accurate reporting and efficient data management. Helping save valuable time, energy and money, clocking data is captured and transmitted directly to the cloud in real-time. Time data can be viewed easily online or downloaded into Excel for user-friendly reporting and administration.

System Peripherals / Accessories

Explore TouchStar's comprehensive selection of Time and Attendance peripherals and accessories, designed to enhance your workforce management operation. In addition to our cutting-edge Time and Attendance Solutions, we offer a diverse range of extras. Discover everything from cards and ribbons to lanyards and badge holders, ensuring a seamless and efficient employee clocking experience.

Expert Customer Care

You may have a lot of questions about Employee clocking in machines such as how they work, where they can be used, and what credentials they support. Check out our Time and Attendance frequently asked questions page here or get in touch with our expert team on 0845 3379 155 or fill out our contact form below.