Date icon29 September 2022

Nohmad Employee Time Clock

With current costs rising as they are, many businesses are having to look at ways to reduce costs where possible, or at least be prepared to do so if the situation continues to deteriorate. Whether this is working with existing and new suppliers, looking at energy-saving measures or reducing product lines, there are many options for businesses to reduce expenses.

People are some of the most valuable and therefore expensive resources a business can have. The management of your employees is a key part of managing monthly costs. Time & attendance software can be a great way for businesses to keep track of employees’ time and can reduce the costs of employee wages by only paying for the hours worked. The measurement of these hours will allow for the management of the cost reduction or best placement of this valuable asset resource.

There are so many ways to track time & attendance that it can be hard to know what system or hardware is best for your business. That’s why we’ve put together a guide to our Nohmad devices, a simple and user-friendly attendance terminal, so you have all the information you need to make the right choice for you.  

About our Nohmad devices

Nohmad is our range of real-time time and attendance terminals that are simple to install and use. A Nohmad is ideal for remote business sites, temporary checkpoints or anywhere that requires attendance capture off-network.

Currently, our Nohmad devices are available in MIFARE or fingerprint and can work either stand-alone or as part of an estate of attendance capture devices across multiple sites. Temporary or permanent employee credentials are captured quickly and efficiently, validated by either fingerprints, keycards or key fobs for real-time capture of accurate time and attendance data.

We’ve made the use of our Nohmad devices as simple as possible. From software integration to implementation and day-to-day use, everything about Nohmad is stripped-down and simple. For example, they are easy to integrate with other TouchStar devices on Fastlane, our cloud-based platform that allows the control and management of all connected devices, and through our GeoConnectMe mobile app.  

Why is a device like Nohmad important?

Time & attendance devices not only help to reduce business costs but can also:

  • Provide flexible and remote administration
  • Handle high traffic shift changes efficiently
  • Reduce absenteeism and improve punctuality
  • Improve compliance with employment and workplace legislation by reporting on maximum hours and compulsory breaks
  • Paying staff correctly helps protect cash flow
  • Enables accurate checks between budgeted hours and actual hours worked.  


Can Nohmad devices save my company money?

Yes! A big benefit of using our Nohmad time & attendance devices is that they save you money in the long run as they ensure employees are only paid for the hours they’ve worked, and calculate it automatically instead of administration staff labouring over timesheets.

What are the different types of Nohmad devices?

There are 2 different types of Nohmad devices: fingerprint and MIFARE/proximity.

Is there a Nohmad biometric device and what’s the benefit?

Yes, there is one Nohmad device which is biometric compatible; fingerprint. There are many benefits to biometric access control, as well as time and attendance, including:

  • It’s difficult for someone to bypass biometric authentication using another’s information.
  • It’s easy to set up and update with new users
  • It’s a quicker process than someone having to input their information manually, like with timesheets

Are the Nohmad device's energy efficient?

We’re pleased to say that our Nohmad devices only require a low-power 5 DC mains adaptor, using an average of 0.5W.

Is there a case study where I can see the Nohmad devices in use?

Yes! Here is a case study of our work with Coolcare4 using our Nohmad device. They were looking for a portfolio of reliable time clocks that could link directly to their management software to help increase punctuality. They introduced our time clocks and have benefited from the real-time data they give which has improved reporting and makes process efficiencies.  

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Time & attendance can work so well and benefit a variety of businesses. Not only can it help to reduce costs, but it can also make handling shift changes even easier and improve remote administration.

If you’re looking to introduce time & attendance hardware, such as our Nohmad devices, get in touch. Our experienced team are here to answer any questions you may have.