Nohmad Fingerprint
Clocking In Machine

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  • Fingerprint Reader
  • Device Capacity: Up to 4,500 Users
  • Stores up to 1,990 Logs
  • Fixed and Remote Attendance Logging
  • FastLane Enabled
  • Easy to Install

The Nohmad Fingerprint Clocking in Machine works to provide employers with details of their workers actions at any given moment.

Designed for easy clocking, it provides both an easy to install and scalable solution as part of a fixed or mobile workforce management system.


  • From £29.95
    Per Device Per Month
  • No Upfront Costs
  • Nohmad Fingerprint Clocking in Machine
  • Fastlane Connection
  • Fastlane Licence
  • SIM Contract
  • Free Product Training
Fingerprint clocking in machine
*Based on a 36 month contract. Prices Excl. VAT.
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Nohmad biometric time clock – supporting easy, fast and reliable clocking

Designed with ease of use in mind, the Nohmad Fingerprint Clocking in Machine promotes functionality and flexibility. Its simple design is both user friendly and easy to install. Employee credentials are captured simply and efficiently, validated with the integration of a fingerprint scanner for real time capture of accurate Time and Attendance data.

Flexibility for both fixed and remote workforces

Keeping track of fixed or remote workforces is easy, the Nohmad is a SIM enabled Biometric Clocking In Machine that links to GPRS wireless networks to enable low-cost, real time data transfer. The portable Nohmad can also be used in remote and temporary locations where internet connectivity is limited. By simply capturing the data within its internal memory, key time and attendance data can be transmitted once a connection is re-established.

Cloud based integration

Time and Attendance Middleware Diagram With fast plug and play cloud-based integration into HR and other core systems, the availability of TouchStar’s cloud-based middleware, FastLane, allows employers to manage their time and attendance data securely, effectively and in real time.

FastLane’s cloud-based platform processes means that the Nohmad can be easily integrated into a mixed estate of devices. Operating as sophisticated yet simple integration tool, FastLane can present accurate reporting data from a range of devices as well as managing, controlling and co-ordinating hardware estates and device settings.

Expert advice and customer support

If you’re looking to introduce time & attendance hardware, such as our Nohmad Biometric Clocking In Machines, get in touch. Our experienced team are here to answer any questions you may have.



Low power 5 DC mains adaptor, 0.5W average, 2A Peak


20°C to +40°C, 95% humidity (non condensing)


165mm H x 66m W x 50mm D (Mifare)
165mm H x 66mm W x 56mm D (Fingerprint)


2 x No. 6 screws or adhesive pad


Mifare or fingerprint reader


Can be supplied with or without SIM card


Built-in dual band for UK and Europe. Optional external high-gain antenna


Battery backed clock

FAQs – Nohmad biometric time clock

  • Can Nohmad devices save my company money?
    Yes! A big benefit of using our Nohmad time & attendance devices is that they save you money in the long run as they ensure employees are only paid for the hours they’ve worked, and calculate it automatically instead of administration staff labouring over timesheets.
  • Are the Nohmad device’s energy efficient?
    We’re pleased to say that our Nohmad devices only require a low-power 5 DC mains adaptor, using an average of 0.5W.
  • Is there a case study where I can see the Nohmad devices in use?
    Yes! Here is a recent case study of our work with Coolcare using our Nohmad device. They were looking for a portfolio of reliable employee time clocks that could link directly to their management software to help increase punctuality. They introduced our time clocks and have benefited from the real-time data they give which has improved reporting and makes process efficiencies. Hotelcare are also a great example of a company who are using Nohmad biometric clocking in machine to support accurate time reporting and payroll process for their remote workforce.

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