Date icon28 September 2022

TouchStar GeoConnectMe Mobile Clocking App

There was a time when remote working meant that employers were at a distinct disadvantage, not only in terms of workforce visibility, but also productivity. Ensuring that an employee is getting to a customer on time, or optimising their time effectively was a significant challenge that put a strain on any employer/employee relationship.

Thankfully, now technology offers another solution. Where previously staff would swipe through an access control barrier or clock in via a fingerprint or ID card reader at the office to confirm their attendance and start a shift, there are several solutions that facilitate the same process for remote workers.

SIM Based Clocking In Machines 

Time and Attendance systems have continued to evolve since their inception, and the latest systems extend their reach to outside the four walls of any fixed workplace. Take the example of cleaning staff or a maintenance team that service a large number of customer sites. As with any employer, a system is still required to record the start and finish time of each worker to provide accurate time reporting and to streamline and support efficient payroll processes.

For these types of business who operate from a remote yet permanent location, plug and play clocking in machines such as the SIM enabled Nohmad have become the norm. Employee identification can be proven by means of either a biometric fingerprint or proximity card dependent upon the requirement. Not only are they a means of providing both accurate and immediate attendance records, but they are also quick and economic to install. Installation or relocating of hardware like the Nohmad is a simple process that only takes around 30 minutes per device.

Employee Time Tracking Apps 

For remote workers in field-based operation, fixed plug and play devices may not be so viable. In these scenarios, businesses can look towards mobile applications. GeoConnectMe, is an example of a mobile app whereby workers can use their iOS or Android phone to clock in remotely at the start of each shift, but only once the app has detected them at their set working location.

The GeoConnectMe app enables one-touch clock in across a range of useful statuses, such as ‘clock in’, ‘taking lunch’, ‘travel’ and so on, so it’s easy to track time usage in real time and ensure compliance and employee wellbeing even from afar. 

Why Mobile Time and Attendance

Any business that makes use of a time and attendance system within its premises will understand the need to maintain its capabilities even when staff are working remotely.

No matter which solution you opt for, each device connects in real time to a back-office system with standardised API integration with core HR and Payroll systems to ensure accurate data reporting and management. These systems are simple to use and quick to deploy, meaning there are immediate cost and efficiency benefits for both HR and Payroll functions.

With access to key data, businesses can have the confidence in the processes they have in place and have access to real time management data for clients, ideal for any scenario when an employee’s working hours come into question. Not only that, but the data can also highlight inefficiencies to enable further process improvements.

Let Us Help You Make Your New Time and Attendance System a Success

Utilising the expertise gained with over 50 years in-house experience, we have developed a system that is proven, robust and simple to deploy and use. Implementing a new time and attendance system needn’t be an upheaval, at TouchStar, we can help you develop a time and attendance system that not only records personnel attendance, but reduces costs, provides real time management and becomes an indispensable part of your operational performance.  Contact us now.