Date icon08 March 2021

Manufacturing Sector Access Control

Manufacturing is a vast industry encompassing several sectors. From transportation to chemicals, food production to electronics. A manufacturers’ base, often in plants, mills or factories, require efficient and slick processes to ensure manufacturing operations are as seamless as possible.

With its ability to allow or restrict access to a building, room or designated area within a factory or plant, access control provides security to help overcome the daily challenges associated with managing the daily flow of personnel within this busy industry.

Here, we explore the many benefits of access control for the manufacturing industry and how these can help to streamline operations while facilitating safety and compliance.


Many manufacturing premises normally encompass several buildings across numerous locations within a large plant. This poses the challenge of how user access can be both restricted and granted within appropriate locations.

With intelligent access control, senior plant managers and personnel can intelligently control employee and visitor access rights across individual areas of the organisation. This not only increases safety and security, but it enables certain areas to be restricted if employee equipment operating licenses have expired or staff don’t have the relevant clearance or training to operate specific machinery.

Saving money

Streamlining costs and making operational efficiencies is at the top of every sector’s list, certainly following the impact of the global pandemic. The manufacturing industry is no different.

With a well-integrated access control security system in place, you can negate the need for traditional keys and save money by making cost savings on security personnel. With staff and visitor identity’s being verified safely across the warehouse, factory or plant, significant on-site security cost savings can be made. 

Safety standards

COVID-19 has significantly altered access control and its perception and practice. This is reflected in the shift towards mobile-based access control systems. With a heightened and continued emphasis on safety and sanitation, it is no surprise that the pandemic has resulted in an increased desire for mobile control systems across business sectors, including the manufacturing industry.

Access control enables the contactless and continuous flow of personnel within a plant, which keeps hygiene and safety standards high and facilitates social distancing. Touchstar’s contactless and biometric access control, together with integrated ID badges, offers a quick and efficient access method.

Your operation will see increased efficiency as the flow of personnel is regulated and recorded. Staff and visitor queues will be prevented with the consistency offered by access control, which is key for maintaining safety procedures in the current and post-pandemic world.

Discover more about Touchstar’s contactless access control solutions here.

Dual cost savings

Additional cost savings can be made through dual-purpose badge identification. Factory staff will receive an ID-badge which will not only grant access rights to approved areas but will also double-up as identification when using a proximity reader, saving costs, increasing safety and efficiency across the manufacturing operation. 


With widespread manufacturing facilities located across one central site, it is imperative that the appropriate access control is not only efficient and seamless but that the entire plant is monitored by secure CCTV. Touchstar’s access control systems can be integrated seamlessly with a CCTV and badge production system to protect both employer, employee and visitor.

Not only can this facilitate employee freedom, enabling access to appropriate premises within changeable and long shift patterns, but it ensures employee safety, particularly during night shifts or early morning starts.

Access control systems ensure that unauthorised individuals cannot get into the facility and that everyone inside the plant has the clearance to be there.

Click here to learn more about integrated access control and CCTV.

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