Access Control

Access Control

TouchStar Access, Time, CCTV (ATC) supports end-users, partners and integrators across Manchester and the North West by providing end-to-end access control systems to protect both facilities and assets.

Not only are our systems NSI Gold accredited but they’re also designed to be simple, cost-effective and intuitive. Here to help safeguard, monitor and optimise operations, our end-to-end systems can be used across several sectors including, but not limited to, Healthcare, Education, Retail, Warehousing and Commercial across Manchester and the North West.

Designed to be a complete and integrated solution, our system can help companies manage their employees and visitor access rights in both single and multiple sites. It’s also designed to fit companies of any size and is scalable to grow with the company.

Food Warehousing Use Case:

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"Find out how this leading third-party logistics company based in the North West of England used access control to effectively manage the health and safety, security and assets within the operation."


Benefits of TouchStar ATC access control systems:

  • We know the area
    Just like you, we’re based in Manchester and have a great knowledge of the North West so we can better serve our customers.
  • Prevent unexpected loss
    Ensure the extension of security and audit trail information to access points through the company to reduce costs and lost profits.
  • Administrative efficiencies
    Our integrated systems mean that data can be exported directly to another system to reduce the need for manual entry, saving the company time, money and eliminating the potential for human error.
  • Operational efficiency
    Our reliable and secure technology facilitates the quick and seamless movement of people throughout your operation.
  • Flexible and remote administration
    With the power in the hands of the user, our systems can be accessed from any network-connected PC, mobile or laptop.
  • Futureproof and scalable
    Our system is designed to be a complete and integrated solution that can fit any company of any size and is scalable in line with their growth.
  • Fast integration
    Our cutting-edge solution is pre-configured for immediate deployment with fast integration into existing systems to enable companies to achieve a fast ROI and performance benefits.