Date icon15 November 2022

TouchStar Time and Attendance Cost Benefits

Its only 5 minutes a day – but that’s 2 days a year per person!

Employees are one of the most invaluable assets you will find within any business. Whether you operate within retail, manufacturing, warehousing, healthcare, or education, they play an essential role in providing the goods or services that are fundamental to a successful business or operation.  

Whilst employees are an essential resource, they are also expensive. Effective workforce management is key, ensuring that workers stay motivated and remain both productive and efficient.  

One of the biggest costs associated with workforce management is that of absenteeism and punctuality. Managing these scenarios can be tricky, but done correctly, it can significantly reduce costs and increase productivity.  

Take a factory of 100 workers for example, if 10% of a workforce was late by 1 minute per day, that equates to over 40 hours of lost time per year. Or in the scenario of 5 minutes a day, that could add up to 2 days a year per person!  

Time and Attendance Systems have the Answer  

The good news is that the latest time and attendance systems are designed to help with exactly that. Whilst these systems have been around for some time, the latest digital systems can help in many ways, from accurately monitoring employees who are early or late to tracking scenarios such as absenteeism.  

Time and attendance systems provide quantitative real-time data, ensuring problem areas and absence incidents are readily identified. The availability of such data allows appropriate action to be taken before the situation gets out of hand or becomes a repeat pattern. These systems can not only be applied to a fixed workforce, but with employee time tracking apps such as GeoConnectMe, they can also be applied to remote workers too.  

Not a ‘one size fits all’ approach

Whilst these systems offer numerous operational and cost benefits, they are not faultless. It is important when looking at any system that you undertake a thorough appraisal of your requirements and objectives. Buddy punching for example, can be a common issue with some systems, particularly in large companies whereby a friend could easily register an absent colleague for their shift. In these scenarios, it is good to be aware that there are several options available ranging from proximity through to fingerprint and facial recognition systems.  

On top of all the operational benefits, digitising your business’s time and attendance management can tighten many processes that add up to real cost savings over time. To find out how a time and attendance solution could fit into your organisation, get in touch with our expert team today.