Date icon03 November 2022

Freeing up HR admin time, reducing absenteeism and improving punctuality are just some of the benefits that employers achieve by investing in a time and attendance solution.

Modern automated time and attendance systems require employees to touch or swipe to identify themselves and record their working hours as they enter or leave an area of work. In its simplest form, a typical time and attendance system comprises of the following:

  • Hardware – Time and Attendance terminals (employee time clocks) or Smartphones.
  • Identification Credentials or Media – Proximity Cards, Fobs, Fingerprint or Facial Recognition.
  • Software – Business application for automating and managing time and attendance processes.    

Most time and attendance systems rely on ethernet enabled hardware to facilitate the transfer of time and attendance related data in real time. However, for some employers, the introduction of a time and attendance system may be seen as a prohibitive, particularly if they are working from sites with little network or no power.

Plug and Play Clocking In Machines

Thankfully, the availability of plug and play system deployments mean that employers can still take advantage of the benefits of time and attendance, even when a real time system may not be viable.

Clocking in machines such as TouchStar’s own Nohmad does exactly this. Such devices can either be mounted in a permanent location or used as a portable option for remote workforces. With the ability to integrate rechargeable batteries, it can also be used in areas with little or no power.

Then there are the latest employee time tracking apps such as GeoConnectMe. User friendly and intuitive, these time clock apps provide the functionality to record clock in and clock out activity alongside other useful statuses.

Each option can provide individual authentication of clocking activity, from which employers are able to extract the data to ensure accurate reporting and that information is still available for both HR and Payroll functions.

Make Real Cost and Efficiency Savings with Time and Attendance Systems

On top of all the operational benefits, digitising your business’s time and attendance management is now more accessible than ever before. These systems can tighten many processes that add up to real cost savings over time. To find out how a time and attendance solution could fit into your organisation, get in touch with our expert team today.