Date icon17 January 2020

Access control acceptance satisfaction

Change can be a tricky thing to deal with, particularly in the workplace. It’s also inevitable though; no business can develop without refining its processes and practices.

But having to adjust to new technology – such as a new access control system – can be less than appealing to your employees. If they are comfortable with the current system you have, or indeed, no access control system at all, they may be reluctant to embrace the capabilities of a new solution, or even question its adoption in the first place.

If your organisation is in the market for your first access control system, or you’re considering an upgrade to your existing building security measures, here are three ways to help your team accept the change.

Sell the benefits

At first glance, your employees could be forgiven for seeing a new access control system as a barrier and an inconvenience to them as they go about their shifts. Unless the new system is a response to a specific event, such as a security breach or the acquisition of high-value assets, your team members may wonder what has prompted the decision and what your organisation stands to gain.

In reality of course, there’s far more an access control solution can do for a business than simply protect its premises and people. From streamlining administrative tasks to improving emergency protocols and creating individual access settings for each employee, there are many organisational benefits an access control system can facilitate, some more than a little unexpected. 

Sharing these operational efficiencies with your team will help them see all the ways in which your new access control system can benefit your organisation and crucially, make their working lives easier.

Manage the change

With an enterprise technology partner such as Touchstar on board, your organisation will be supported throughout the installation and implementation of your new access control system. We work with our customers to devise a clear and efficient plan and time scale for installation and integration with existing systems, with a dedicated Project Manager on hand at all times.

This collaborative approach can be effective within your organisation too. Communicate the access control rollout plan with your team, so that they know when new measures come into effect and what’s expected of them at each stage. Planning in this way should also help you identify and prepare to mitigate any potential operational snags that could crop up.

Minimise disruption

Once your new access control system is in place, the best way to ensure a smooth transition to full adoption is to provide employee training. At Touchstar, we have this covered; our expert teams can work with yours on-site in small groups, running through everything from basic daily operation to specific access control scenarios they are likely to face.

By getting hands-on under the guidance of a system professional, your employees can quickly gain the knowledge and confidence they need to use your new access control solution to its full potential. Once new working practices are rolled out, it’s also a good idea to add access, security and any other updated processes to staff handbooks and policy documents.

Let us help make your new access control system a hit

Implementing a new access control solution needn’t be an upheaval or something that divides your team. We can help you develop an access control system that not only meets your organisation’s unique needs and improves your team’s productivity, but becomes an indispensable part of your operational performance. Contact us today to learn more.       



Access control buy in blog author Lynden Jones

Lynden joined Touchstar ATC (formally Feedback Data) in a sales role for Access Control in 2010.  Prior to joining the company, Lynden held both Production and Account Manager roles, gaining wide technical and commercial experience within the electronics market.  

In 2013 Lynden was promoted to Sales Director and in 2017 he took overall responsibility of the business as Managing Director. As well as running Touchstar ATC, Lynden still remains extremely active in the sales and key account management aspects of the business. When not involved in the business, Lynden is a keen performance car enthusiast.