TouchStar solutions are in use around the world in many types of warehouse and distribution centre environments where they provide security, access control and staff and workforce management.

Access Control

Warehouse customers need access control to be secure but flexible. It is common to have different access rights for different departments, for example in reception, office areas and the actual warehouse floor itself. Storage areas can often be in multi-site buildings remote from each another. Temporary access for visitors, or agency workers, also needs to be controlled.

Shift work can involve large numbers of staff entering and exiting at different times of the day and night as shifts change so access control needs to work

quickly and flawlessly.

Other considerations involve high security areas like high value stock rooms, data stores, server rooms and IT facilities where access rights will be restricted to authorised employees only with an audit trail needed to log exactly who has entered which room, and when. TouchStar warehouse access control systems can provide you with a secure, flexible solution to all of these requirements and more.


  • Efficiently use the natural movements of different groups of users within and across the individual areas of the facility, such as reception areas, goods in & storage areas, parking areas, individual offices, floors or buildings, to maximise security in an unobtrusive way.
  • Protect against theft by using systems to extend security and audit trail information to access points throughout your warehouse: from office doors to data cabinets to parking gates.
  • Optimize the use of individual areas of the facility by flexibly changing access plans easily to facilitate the individual programming of certain installations for conferences and special events.
  • Efficient handling of high traffic shift changes. Reliable RFID technology means credentials are read quickly and seamlessly so entry/exit bottlenecks are avoided.
  • Seamless integration with Physical Security Information Management Systems (PSIM) and building automation systems. Makes it easy for the facility owner to add additional security to its existing systems.


Our high-definition CCTV cameras are configured for maximum image resolution in all lighting conditions and can function effectively with colour or monochrome resolutions.

Ensuring the safety of your workers and the integrity of your stock is paramount, as such our CCTV systems are available in high-definition for both colour and monochrome systems. We can integrate into an existing system or provide a full CCTV solution ensuring your business meets legal requirements for ensuring safety throughout.

Our independent status means we’ll work with you to put the right CCTV solution in place so you don’t pay over the odds and have peace of mind around the clock.


  • Instant playback options.
  • Round the clock monitoring of remote sites such as courts, pitches or athletics grounds
  • Zoom functions to focus in on suspicious activity.
  • Simultaneous multiple views to monitor groups of activities.
  • Uninterrupted transmission to monitoring centres regardless of distance, weather or environment.

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Time & Attendance

Using the TouchStar time & attendance hardware can be the key factor in better management of your employee working hours. Electronic systems can significantly reduce paperwork, ensure you know the actual count of visitors inside the building in case of emergency and provide reporting to measure business metrics such as busy hours, staffing needs and availability of facilities.

Benefits of our time & attendance systems

  • Effective data capture technology - A choice of input methodologies including fingerprint, iButton, Mifare, proximity, barcode, magstripe etc.
  • Reduce absenteeism and improve punctuality - Quantitative real-time data ensures problem areas and absence incidents are readily identified, allowing appropriate action before the situation gets out of hand or becomes a repeat pattern.
  • Simplified creation of schedules - The TouchStar time and attendance system can be configured and adapted to include reflect specific production cycles, working practices, flexi-time, shift work and holidays.
  • Integration with HR and payroll systems - Data can be exported direct to other business systems, eliminating the potential for error caused by data double entry.
  • Compliance with employment & workplace legislation - An automated time and attendance system will help ensure that workers’ schedules conform to Legislation relating to permitted working hours, compulsory break times etc.