CCTV Camera System North West

TouchStar Access, Time, CCTV (ATC) supports end-users, partners and integrators across Manchester and the North West by providing end-to-end CCTV, including both standard and intelligent CCTV for local and remote monitoring.

All of our systems are NSI Gold accredited and are designed to be cost-effective, intuitive and simple to use. Our end-to-end systems are here to help monitor, safeguard and optimise business operations and can be rolled out across many sectors including Healthcare, Education, Retail, Warehousing and Commercial properties across Manchester and the North West.

Designed to be a complete and integrated solution, our system can help companies manage and monitor both single and multiple sites. It’s also designed to fit companies regardless of their size and is scalable to grow as the company does.

Benefits of TouchStar ATC CCTV Systems:

  • We know the area
    Just like you, we’re based in Manchester and have a fantastic knowledge of the North West so we can better serve our clients.
  • Around-the-clock peace of mind
    High-quality cameras provide images and videos with maximum coverage in all lighting conditions and locations.
  • Optimised and efficient operations
    Our reliable and secure technology increases productivity as a result of a unified monitoring platform for Alarm Receiving Centres.
  • Reduced operating costs
    The availability of our central monitoring system reduces the chance of false alarms and improves alarm handling, as well as first response times.
  • Easy to use
    Our system is a fully customisable solution that, alongside a centralised monitoring station, is simple, intuitive and designed to reduce eye strain.
  • Fast integration
    Our pioneering solution is pre-configured for speedy deployment with rapid integration into existing systems, enabling businesses to achieve a fast ROI and performance benefits.