Date icon17 May 2021


Exclusive Offer For New TouchStar ATC Users

The Offer

For a limited time only, TouchStar are running an exclusive offer for new customers of our in-house time and attendance system.

With prices starting from just £2.75 per device connection/per month users will be equipped with the following:     

GeoConnect-Me Mobile App:

Available for both iOS and Android phones, TouchStar’s GeoConnect-Me provides time and attendance functionality for use in remote locations. Clear, intuitive and user friendly, location is determined through standard GPS technology with GPRS data download direct into TouchStar’s back-end software. Click here to learn more about GeoConnect-Me.   

SIM Based Hardware:

Designed for the most demanding of applications, TouchStar’s in-house manufactured Nohmad device is both robust and fit for purpose. Available with fingerprint biometric or Mifare proximity options. Click here to learn more about the Nohmad.  

Fastlane Connection:

Connection to TouchStar’s in-house Time and Attendance back end system. Based upon Microsoft Azure’s cloud computing services, Fastlane helps users effectively manage their time and attendance data, with API integration into HR and other core systems. Click here to learn more about Fastlane. 

Fastlane Licence:

Helping users effectively manage their time and attendance with TouchStar’s Fastlane device configuration and data gathering web based managed platform. .     

Why TouchStar ATC Time and Attendance?

-  Clear, intuitive and simple to use.

-  Provides flexible & remote administration

- Efficient handling of high traffic shift changes

- Reduce absenteeism and improve punctuality

- Compliance with employment legislation

- Provides fast integration into any end user operation  

Let us help you make your new Time and Attendance System a Success

Utilising the expertise gained with over 50 years in-house experience, we have developed a system that is proven, robust and simple to deploy and use. Implementing a new time and attendance system needn’t be an upheaval, at TouchStar, we can help you develop a time and attendance system that not only records personnel attendance, but reduces costs, provides real time management and becomes an indispensable part of your operational performance.