Date icon05 October 2023

Let your Time and Attendance implementation be a roaring success!  

In environments where efficiency and productivity are vital to meet operational goals, having a Time and Attendance solution is crucial for any business aiming to optimise workforce management. The right solution can deliver precise timekeeping, help to enhance productivity, and provide greater insight into labour costs. With so many solutions on the market, selecting one that can meet your business objectives can be challenging.  

So, what are the key things to consider when researching Time and Attendance solutions?  

Assess your business requirements

The best place to start is by listing your company’s needs and processes. Focus on the features that you would like, take into account your workforce size, structure, and ensure you have considered your operational goals. Following that, you should look at the existing issues your company is facing in managing time and attendance, and what you require from a new solution to help you solve these. Lastly, consider both the way your company works today and your future needs and growth plans.   

Many companies fall at the first hurdle by choosing a Time and Attendance solution that is incompatible with their operational environment. An example of this is a company that approached us following the installation of a biometric fingerprint system. Instead of streamlining operations, their system was causing delays and operational bottlenecks. While biometric solutions are advantageous in certain settings, they are ill-suited to environments where employees frequently have their hands covered in dust, grease or oil, or locations where wearing protective gloves is necessary – issues this company faced.  

Working with a trusted technology partner – one that invests time to understand your business operations, whether your company has multiple offices, temporary satellite locations, or remote workers—is so important. This approach ensures you are well-positioned to select a solution that is tailored to your company’s specific needs.  

Integration capabilities

Consider whether you need your T&A solution to incorporate with your existing back office systems to ensure smooth and coherent workflow. Check whether the solution has robust APIs that facilitate integration without the need for extensive and costly customisation.   

TouchStar ATC Fastlane provides a standardised API that facilitates integration into HR, payroll, and other core systems. It provides a simple route to having a mix of different clock in machines that users interface with, that all provide data to the back office.  

Usability and user friendliness

With any T&A solution you are considering, it’s important to assess how user-friendly the interface is for both your employees and the administrators. If a solution is difficult to use or does not address user needs, it may encounter resistance and could lead to failure.  

Consider what level of training and support you will need to minimise the learning curve and ensure smooth adoption. Ensure the company you are working with can provide the level of training and initial support to help workers adapt to the new system. Also evaluate the availability and quality of post sales customer support, you want to ensure that any issues can be resolved quickly and efficiently.  

At TouchStar, we provide on-site and site-specific training and resources to ensure smooth adoption. Our dedicated support team is UK-based, ensuring our customers receive the most responsive and effective post-sales support in the industry.  

Cost versus ROI

When researching a Time and Attendance solution always assess the total cost of ownership against the potential benefits and savings. Ensure you include purchase, implementation, maintenance, upgrades and ongoing support costs in your calculation.  

Also consider in your evaluations the value and benefits a new T&A solution will bring to your company, including increased efficiency, productivity, and transparency in actual hours worked. Ensure the chosen system can grow with your company, adapting to increased workforce size and evolving needs.  

Aligning time and business strategy

Choosing the right Time and Attendance solution can significantly benefit your company’s operational efficiency and overall productivity. Taking the time to thoroughly assess your company’s needs to select a solution that aligns with your business goals is a wise investment.  

At TouchStar we undertake a top-level business process and system review of our customers’ environment to ensure we deliver a solution that our customers can capitalise on. A well-chosen system will not only resolve existing challenges but also facilitate streamlined workflow with business-critical systems such as HR and payroll. More importantly the right T&A solution can accelerate your operational goals by promoting a more productive and efficient workforce.


Lynden Jones MD TouchStar ATC

Lynden joined TouchStar ATC (formally Feedback Data) in a sales role for Access Control in 2010.  Prior to joining the company, Lynden held both Production and Account Manager roles, gaining wide technical and commercial experience within the electronics market.  

In 2013 Lynden was promoted to Sales Director and in 2017 he took overall responsibility of the business as Managing Director.As well as running Touchstar ATC, Lynden still remains extremely active in the sales and key account management aspects of the business. When not involved in the business, Lynden is a keen performance car enthusiast.