Date icon23 January 2016
Feedback Data a division of  TouchStar  rebrands for Future Growth

25th January 2016: Feedback Data, a leading provider of state-of-the-art access control and time & attendance systems, has unveiled its new brand identity which takes effect from today.   

Feedback Data is a trading brand of TouchStar, an organisation that comprises a number of different entities and business units, each with its own individual brand and each providing unique but complementary technology solutions. In addition to access conyrol, these include warehousing, transport and logistics, fuel and oil logistics, vehicle tracking, access control, and on-board retail.  The rebrand will see Feedback coming together with these business units under a single newly created umbrella brand named TouchStar.

Mark Hardy, CEO  of TouchStar elaborates: “The primary driver for the rebrand was to provide greater clarity of our group structure and specialist units, and to ensure that our brand values were in alignment with our corporate identity. The ‘TouchStar’ name has been a successful and powerful brand for over two decades representing the organisations’ in-vehicle, tracking and telematics solutions, achieving global recognition in its markets. Additionally, the word ‘touch’ is synonymous across all of the technologies we offer and the personal touch that customers can expect from TouchStar.“

The TouchStar logo has been redesigned so that is now more closely aligned to the company’s brand values. Tailored versions of the logo have been created for each business unit, including Feedback Data, using different colours and iconography. This ensures that each business within TouchStar now has its own clearly identifiable brand identity that is relevant to its business offering whilst also being instantly recognisable as being part of TouchStar.

With immediate effect, the new brand portfolio consists of:

  • TouchStar – On-Board Retail (formerly Novo IVC)
  • TouchStar – Warehouse & Logistics
  • TouchStar – Access Control | Time & Attendance | CCTV  (formerly Feedback Data)
  • TouchStar – Fuel Oil Logistics
  • TouchStar – Proof of Delivery
  • TouchStar – Advanced Tracking & Telematics

Mark Hardy, CEO of TouchStar concludes: “Our new branding better reflects who we are as a business and what we stand for. I am confident that it will help us as we look to extend Feedback Data’s reach to wider markets. “

The new branding can be seen at