Date icon23 August 2013
Microtrak Evolution is a modular based access control system designed to meet the needs of small, medium and large organisations. It has the versatility and power to accommodate the requirements demanded of it, be it the number of locations to be controlled, the number of users or both. No matter what size of organisation, Microtrak Evolution puts the power of control in the hands of the user with clear, simple to use screens that provide an intuitive understanding of the application.
The system is designed around an IP addressable Door Controller which plugs directly to a clients existing TCP/IP network. The Evolution software communicates with the controller via a LAN or WAN.
This method of door connectivity provides a modular and competitively priced solution not only for small sites but large multi-site systems.
Rich in options, from Badge Production to Visitor Registration, from cost effectiveness to ease of use, Evolution will always be the preferred access control choice. Put simply, it places the control back into the hands of the user!