Date icon11 April 2017

Turnstile Access TouchStar Evolution Software

Microtrak Evolution: Security in the palm of your hand

Today’s businesses face all manner of security challenges: theft, privacy and safety are three key concerns for most organisations, regardless of industry. This is why so many are investing in robust access control systems, but not all offer the same levels of protection.

To achieve the ultimate peace of mind for you, your staff and visitors to your premises, it pays to invest in a state-of-the-art, fully-featured access control system. One of the market’s leading solutions is TouchStar’s Microtrak Evolution software, also known as M-EVO.

An introduction to Microtrak Evolution

Microtrak Evolution is a modular access control system designed to help organisations of all sizes protect themselves against security risks, such as theft. Like the various other systems available today, its main purpose is to help you manage access to your premises or specific areas within it. Microtrak Evolution provides more than just this basic functionality, however: it offers unrivalled power and versatility.

The system can, for example, be installed across multiple locations and is capable of accommodating more than 60,000 users at one time – crucial features for particularly large organisations with complex security needs.

Most importantly, though, Microtrak Evolution gives users complete control through its cleverly designed interface.

Take full control of your security

User experience is crucial to the success of any security solution – it must be easy and intuitive, giving you a full understanding of how your assets are being protected. This is exactly what Microtrak Evolution software provides.

Clear and logically formatted screens allow you to organise and manage all aspects of access across a single site or multiple sites, with up to six distinct management sections: User Management, Facilities Management, Personnel Management, Reports Management, Real Time Monitoring, Visitor Management and Badge Production.

The system can be configured to meet your objectives exactly, whether you need to manage the authorised movement of 50 people or 50,000 people. There are options to allow temporary access for visitors, for example, or to control outdoor car park access.

Powerful integration

Introducing a new security solution might be a daunting prospect, but the process needn’t be difficult. Microtrak Evolution software is designed around an IP addressable Door Controller which works hand in hand with your existing computer network, connecting either through a wireless or wired network. This means minimal disruption during installation and no need to invest in or maintain separate infrastructure.

The system’s interoperability goes beyond IT systems to include other security technologies too. Users are able to link theirs to biometric scanners and card readers, for instance, to create a comprehensive and robust, multi-layered security system. CCTV can also be linked easily, allowing you to monitor goings-on and the movement of people on-site from a single interface.

The levels of protection and control that Microtrak Evolution software provides can quickly prove invaluable to modern organisations. Its versatility in particular is hugely beneficial in fast-moving business environments where security needs are constantly changing. With that in mind, this system could be the perfect addition to your set-up.

If you think you could benefit from Microtrak Evolution software, get in touch with us today.