Date icon04 August 2017
Managing visitor access to your building
While the internet has undoubtedly revolutionised business communication, most companies still need to welcome visitors to their premises regularly - whether for important meetings or just introductory tours of the office. As such, visitor access – and managing it effectively – is still a major consideration for managers across all industries. Thankfully, the task is made easier by the host of innovative access control technologies available, each one built to address the various security challenges faced by your business.

Revolutionary security applications

You’ll find powerful software at the heart of any effective modern security system, and some of the solutions on the market today offer impressive visitor management features. Take our Microtrak Evolution Access Control application, for example. It has a dedicated visitor management module that can be used to control visitor access across either single or multiple sites. It allows you to introduce site visitors to the wider system quickly and easily by giving you the power to issue temporary badges for contractors and visitors, control and track visitor movements, and see who’s on the premises at any given time.

Keeping everything seamless

Visitors and their vehicles can be pre-booked into the Microtrak system to save time when they arrive, helping you and your reception staff give a great first impression. Then, to maintain security, it’s possible to set an expiration time for each pass, speeding up the check-out process - and in the event of a pass going missing or being stolen, it can be cancelled from the central application.

Reliable door systems

The simplest way to control the movement of people within a business is by using a carefully configured door system – a network of locks and scanners that prevent some people accessing certain areas while still allowing others to enter. These systems are as useful for controlling visitors as they are for managing employees. With a blend of TouchStar’s robust door controllers, proximity readers and biometric scanners – and of course the aforementioned access control software – it’s possible to manage visitor access with minimal attention and effort, leaving you to spend your valuable time and resources on other essential business tasks.

Vehicle access management

Visitor access control shouldn’t end at the entrance to your building – with most guests likely to drive to you, it’s important to consider how your system works with vehicles too. This is where our externalgate, barrier and turnstile control solutions are useful. Like our internal door systems, these prevent and grant access to your premises as necessary. Barriers can be set up in various ways, depending on your requirements. It’s possible to allow free access outwards, for example, saving time for visitors and car park attendants. There are also wireless remote management and biometric scanner capabilities, giving you complete control over who comes in and out. Security should always be a priority for your business, and visitors – whose backgrounds tend to be unknown – often pose the biggest threat. An intelligently designed and flexible access control system will help you manage the movement of your guests effectively and efficiently, while protecting your staff and assets.
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