Date icon28 July 2021

Facial scanning technology is a sophisticated method that uses an individual’s unique facial features to gain access to a building. It ensures legislative compliance and best practice across all levels of an organisation and plays a pivotal part in streamlining business operations.

Here, we look at the latest scanning technology, its many benefits and why countless organisations are moving towards it.

System benefits

Contactless facial recognition software is taking countless sectors by storm, and it is clear to see why many organisations are moving towards adopting this sophisticated technology. This is due to its countless system benefits:  

Health and safety in a post-pandemic world

The demand for contactless devices is undoubtedly on the rise, and the necessity for employees to gain safe, contactless access across organisations is key in getting staff back safely into the workplace.

Not only does this technology deliver crucial identity authentication and management, but it also fulfils the required contactless health and safety capabilities needed across organisations in the current climate. It also adds vital reassurance to employees that advanced technology is being adopted to help facilitate appropriate health and safety measures within the workplace.


Facial scanning boasts flexibility, a perfect solution for large organisations in need of the option of freedom and choice. This technology is highly flexible, offering credential options of face, card and mobile access. This enables greater flexibility for employees and end users and means credentials can be read quickly and seamlessly to avoid congestion at entry and exit points across an organisation.  


When it comes to gaining access to a building, security is always of vital importance. It is essential that users are safe in the knowledge that both their place of work and the credentials captured are completely secure – therefore this advanced technology never fails to impress.

Facial scanning technology boasts both state of the art facial authentication accuracy alongside anti-spoofing performance. Some devices also boast a combination of visual and infrared (IR) face recognition technology. So, you can be sure that whichever personnel have accessed your building have done so with the most secure and accurate checks.

Not only are all credentials and personal data fully encrypted, but facial scanning systems also protect this data with a secure boot process. Encrypted data together with full secure protection is one of the many system benefits associated with facial scanning technology.


Facial scanning technology is highly versatile and able to offer solutions across many industries. From healthcare and education to warehousing, commercial and retail, this technology makes for a highly versatile, intuitive, and user-friendly solution suited for numerous sectors.


We are no stranger to changeable conditions, facial scanning technology boasts superb performance unhindered by factors, such as changeable lighting conditions, guaranteeing accuracy together with high performance.

With countless system benefits together with an intuitive solution equipped with robust security and several credential options, it is clear to see why this technology is taking numerous sectors by storm.

TouchStar ATC’s latest FaceStation technology

Well known for its innovative approach and delivering new identification and authentication solutions to the market, TouchStar is pleased to welcome the Suprema Contactless facial scanning technology to its time and attendance product portfolio.

Find out more about FaceStation, TouchStar ATC’s latest offering here.

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