Date icon11 May 2022

Access control system data entry

Business data is the lifeblood of any organisation. Not only can it drive business processes, but used effectively, it also provides the intelligence to streamline operations, reduce costs and improve customer service. Paper based systems are still a common method used by operations teams all over the country.  However, this approach is inherently slow and often results in human error and delay, particularly for large organisations.  

In today’s digital world, it is perhaps unsurprising that technology has the answer. But it is the speed and simplicity of the latest integration platforms that have the capabilities of transforming operations.  

Data First  

Consider a business looking to streamline their existing resource systems and processes. This company uses multiple systems, the core of which is used to manage the payroll of its employees. Operating alongside this, several other systems are in use, from access control to cashless vending and equipment use through to time and attendance. A core group of users are assigned with administration rights to each and every system.  

With all systems working independently from each other, the business was looking for an accurate and efficient means of managing the information between their core systems. Previously a manual process, inputting the same data across multiple systems was not only time consuming but prone to error. The business required a single system that would automate the transfer of both data and key information between each system.  

Seamless integration is possible with TouchStar’s own EvoLink middleware platform. Designed as a dynamic interfacing tool, EvoLink middleware can link front end software systems to almost any other system. It is an ideal tool for integration projects that require flexibility and reliability.  

Results and Benefits

Whilst direct integrations between systems is often possible, EvoLink simplifies the complexities around integrating multiple data sources and formats into one system. In this instance, the use of a standardised integration platform has significantly reduced the day-to-day administration of multiple systems, not only that, automating the transfer of information now guarantees data accuracy, removing the common errors associated with human input.  

For this business, each data feed occurs at different scheduled times. EvoLink can take the component parts of the overall data and extract them from each of the multiple systems. Once the data had been extracted, EvoLink reformats the data before populating the required systems both fully and accurately.  

The benefits of automated data transfer means that there is now absolute confidence in the accuracy of the data received back from the core system. With the correct bandwidth in place, updates are instant and in real time, giving the opportunity to manage system feedback more efficiently and effectively.  

As businesses and their systems evolve, further changes to systems or data sources can be managed effectively within EvoLink, with the middleware effectively reformatting any changes with no impact on the overall system experience.  

Benefits of TouchStar EvoLink Middleware:


Designed as a dynamic interface tool, EvoLink can link the Evolution access control software to almost any other system, enabling the automatic transfer of data from a separate system into the access control software. Supporting the population of multiple systems, errors are reduced by the removal of manual re-keying of data.


(Web Services Description Language) can be consumed by your third-party application to create a quick integration between the systems. This uses SOAP or JSON over HTTP protocols. The XML data format is used for all data transmissions.


Security can be integrated with HTTPS protocols or Virtual LAN’s between end points and is natively supported by almost all third party applications