Date icon23 February 2022

CCTV Incident Alerts TouchStar

Nowadays, one of the most common reasons for installing a CCTV system is to protect both your premises and assets, the overall objective being preventing the theft of goods.

In most instances of theft or burglary, there is every chance the perpetrators previously cased the site on an earlier visit. Casing the building allows thieves the opportunity to identify gaps in security enabling the theft to go ahead relatively unnoticed or with an obscured view.  

The good news is that the latest CCTV systems have all the features and functionality that enable businesses to proactively respond to any threats or instances of burglary.

Video Analytics  

The growth in intelligent video analytics has been of particular benefit in these scenarios with the availability of detection or loitering modes to alert operators to suspicious behaviour or activity around site perimeters, buildings, rooms, or sensitive areas.  

Detection Mode  

Detection devices are often used in these scenarios, these are particularly beneficial to unmanned sites and in conjunction with monitored systems. When movement is detected around a monitored area, a PTZ (Pan, Tilt and Zoom) camera can be panned round to the scene and an alert flagged on the system.  

Loitering Mode  

Loitering detection also provides real-time and reliable alerting in case of unauthorised loitering in monitored areas. In this case, it provides enhanced security levels in particularly sensitive areas and reliable detection even under difficult weather conditions.  

The availability of these types of intelligence allows for preventative measures to be implemented to increase the effectiveness of a physical security system, in this instance it could be putting additional security on site to prevent a possible break in.  

Getting the Most Out of CCTV  

The benefits of these systems means that CCTV is now more efficient and effective than ever before. Whether you work on site, or remotely, data can be easily viewed on a web browser meaning you can pro-actively manage any alerts from no matter where you are.  

Should a burglary have occurred, the availability of this functionality significantly reduces the administration time identifying the incident. Both flagged alerts and appearance searches also help operators compile robust video evidence of the event in question.  

Upgrade Your Security Operations  

Whether you may be considering a full CCTV system rollout or an upgrade to an existing installation, these systems are compatible with a wide range of IP camera’s types, from entry level to high specification devices, meaning you can protect your premises with a best fit security system whatever your budget.  

At TouchStar ATC, our experts believe in a completely bespoke approach to CCTV.

We’ve been supplying bespoke security solutions to businesses across a variety of sectors for more than 30 years. Our experts are on hand and more than happy to assist you in choosing the right system to suit your organisation. Get in touch today to find out how we can help.  


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