Date icon30 January 2024

Access control efficiency considerations

Navigating the maze of access control

When it comes to access control systems, efficiency isn't a one-size-fits-all concept, rather, it hinges on your company's priorities and which features are the most important to your business. This blog looks at the important considerations for the three key aspects - efficiency, power conservation, system robustness - to guide your choice.  

User Efficiency

If making things easy for your team is your top priority, you'll want an access control system that integrates seamlessly into your day-to-day operations. Different industries have different needs, so it's key to pick a system that aligns with your business goals.  

That’s where working with a trusted technology partner is invaluable. They can undertake a no obligation appraisal of your requirements and objectives, helping you choose a system that is fully configured out of the box, removing any need for modifications.  

For example, with a user-friendly system, adding a new employee should be as simple as updating their details in your HR and payroll systems. Similarly, functions such as automated reporting should run seamlessly without needing any extra work from your team.  

Power Efficiency

With power efficiency, the focus is on the type of access control system hardware you choose. Since access control systems usually manage entry points like doors, the choice of locking mechanism will impact how much energy is used. Here, the debate often centres around magnetic locks versus electric strike locks.  

Magnetic locks, while secure, continuously draw power, unlike electric strike locks that only consume energy when activated. This choice matters not only for your electricity bill, but also for how long your backup batteries will last. Typically, batteries in electric strike systems have a longer lifespan due to their on-demand power usage.  

System Efficiency

The backbone of system efficiency lies in the software's architecture. A well-designed access control software efficiently manages resources, handles data, and operates with minimal downtime or errors. This aspect of efficiency is less visible but is crucial. It ensures your access control system is reliable, responsive, grows with your business and is resource-optimised, all the while maintaining security and being easy to manage.  

The right system for you

The choice of user, power or system efficiency doesn’t need to be mutually exclusive. TouchStar access control systems offer the flexibility to customise and balance these features based on your specific business requirements and security needs. The key lies in identifying which combination of efficiencies fits your unique business requirements.   And always keep in mind, an access control system isn't just about security; it's a key part in making your business run smoother and more effectively.  

Access Control System Efficiency Summary

User Efficiency  Power Efficiency System Efficiency
User friendly operation for the admin / hr team members Electric strike locks consume energy only when activated Reliable system architecture operating with minimal downtime        
Simple integration with internal systems