Date icon14 February 2019

Abloy UK security systems

Touchstar ATC partner Abloy UK is fully owned by ASSAABLOY, the global leader in total door opening solutions. From locks to security doors, entrance automation and access control systems, ASSA ABLOY has an annual turnover of €6 billion and employs approximately 44,000 people worldwide.  

The unique ABLOY lock and key was invented in 1907 by Emil Henriksson, an office machinery mechanic in Helsinki, Finland. While repairing a cash register, he realised that the rotating cylindrical disks of the machine were eminently suitable for use as a lock mechanism. The first locks went on sale two years later and lock production at Ab Låsfabriken – Lukkotehdas Oy began in 1918.

The name 'ABLOY' is formed from the letters of this company’s name. The company’s declared mission is to develop safe, aesthetic and easy-to-use locking solutions which satisfy the needs of end-users and construction industry partners for security and ease of access.

Today the Abloy product range includes electric locking, cylinder, padlocks, door operators and more. Their solutions offer secure, compliant and lasting solutions and TouchStar have adopted Abloy products as part of access control solutions provided to organisations throughout the UK and across a variety of industries.  

A summary of the Abloy product range  

The Abloy range includes mechanical locks, padlocks, door closers etc. However the components below are typically incorporated by TouchStar ATC into typical access control projects. 

Electric locks

The ABLOY® range of electric locks are suitable for use in all kinds of access control systems -digital, card swipe or proximity and are designed to meet exacting European and Scandinavian standards. Specific electric lock cases are tested and meet EN1634 -1 for fire resistance, others comply and meet EN179 and EN1125 for emergency and panic exit doors when used with specific exit hardware. The ABLOY® range of electric locks includes both motor locks with bolts withdrawn by motor as well as solenoid locks with handles or free mechanisms engaged by solenoids.      

Exit hardware

The Abloy range of exit hardware provides for a range of design, construction and options to meet the demands of major public and industrial buildings to meet EN1125 and EN179. All commonly used variations of mechanical panic and emergency exit devices are available offering single, two point or three point locking.

Access control

Abloy provide a modern, sophisticated response to all access control requirements - whether you need a simple stand alone unit for one door or a large, variable access system across multiple sites. Smartair incorporates the latest in RFID technology, enabling contact-free door entry at the presentation of a smart card and offers great flexibility for smaller organisations. Each door is fitted with a stand alone unit, but linked and computer managed either by online card updating or via a host PC.

Electric strikes

Especially effective when used as part of an access control system, ABLOY® provide a range of electro-magnetic locks and electric strikes with superior holding force and robust durability. With unsurpassed holding force, the strike range provides the very best in high security strike technology for use with access control systems of all kinds – and with such a wide range there is almost certainly a strike for any project.