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Gate, Barrier & Turnstile control Systems

Turnstile, gate and barrier systems provide effective & safe means for pedestrian flow control at entrances of manufacturing facilities, commercial buildings, schools & educational campuses, leisure stadiums, amusement parks, retail shopping outlets etc.

TouchStar can supply a range of turnstiles, gates and barriers to meet various requirements to design, size and level of security.

Main features of TouchStar pedestrian control systems include;

  • Models for indoor and outdoor application
  • High throughput rate
  • Bi-directional passage control
  • LED directional indication / status lights
  • Key override control for emergency situations
  • Inertia-free and smooth rotation mechanism
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Integrating gate, turnstile and barrier hardware with our access control systems, facilitates a level of security to meet even the most demanding client requirements. Turnstiles and gates can be installed together with matching barriers of different types. Thanks to the low power demand, the turnstiles are supplied with safe operating voltage. The internal turnstile options include the traditional mechanical arm type and the none invasive IR sensor type.

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Operating modes of TouchStar turnstiles:

  • Single passage in one direction
  • Free passage in one direction
  • Single passage in each direction
  • Free passage in both directions
  • Always locked (closed for entry and exit)
  • Lock-chamber access mode for additional video or biometric identification when increased an access control is required

Optionally the following devices can be connected to TouchStar turnstiles:

  • Remote light indicators
  • Wireless remote control
  • Emergency unlocking devices
  • Intrusion detectors and sirens