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Magnetic Stripe Slot Reader


A weatherproof magnetic stripe slot reader to read ABA track 2. Suitable for high or low coercivity cards.

The electronics are encapsulated in a waterproof resin and the read head is constructed from stainless steel making it suitable for external use. The readers may be used in harsh weather conditions as it is waterproof to IPX7. The read head is durable and rated at over 1,000,000 swipes, making it suitable for all applications.

Supplied with 5 metres of screened cable.


Output: Open Collector (pulled up internally to 5v with a 560 Ohm resistor)
Output drain: Max 20mA
Water resistance: High IPX7
Vandal resistance: High-mazak construction
Dimensions: 34x89x34(WxHxD)
Weight (packaged): 340g(400g)approx
Cable supplied: 5m
Cable: 9 corse screened, 7x0.15mm stranded.
Outer dia: 4.6mm max
Insulation thickness: 0.45mm
Swipes: >1,000,000
Temperature range: -20 to 70 C
Media speed: 125 < vcard < 1250mms-1
Media acceleration: a card max = 500mms-32
Magnetic Stripe Coercivity: 50 < H < 6000Oe
Media amplitude: min=20%
Track read: 2 as standard, others available on request.