Time and Attendance

Time and Attendance Clocking South East

Supporting end users, partners and integrators spanning across London and South East, we provide best fit time and attendance solutions including hardware, data management and mobile app’s for both local and remote workforce management. 

Our time and attendance systems are in use across a number of sectors from Healthcare and Education through to Retail, Warehousing and Commercial. Designed to be simple and intuitive, they drive operational efficiencies, automating key workforce management processes to reduce costs, provide real time management visibility, whilst maintaining a secure and compliant working environment.

TouchStar proximity card reader for time and attendance

“The system has been hugely successful; it is simple to use and quick to deploy. The user friendliness of our system means we have the buy in of all team members and as a result we have seen both cost and efficiency benefits for both our HR and Payroll functions. With access to key data, we have confidence in the processes we have in place and have access to real time management data for both our portfolio of clients and to enable further process improvements.” Hotelcare

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Benefits of TouchStar ATC time and attendance:

  • Provides Flexible and Remote Administration
    Putting the power of control in the hands of the user, systems can be accessed from any network connected PC, or mobile phone application.
  • Provides Flexible and Remote Administration
    Reliable technology means credentials are read quickly and seamlessly so entry/exit bottlenecks are avoided.
  • Reduce Absenteeism and improve punctuality
    Quantitative real-time data ensures problem areas and absence incidents are readily identified, allowing appropriate action before the situation gets out of hand or becomes a repeat pattern.
  • Compliance with Employment and Workplace Legislation
    The automated time and attendance system helps ensure that workers’ schedules conform to legislation relating to permitted working hours, compulsory break times etc.
  • Fast integration into any end user operation
    Enabling organisations to achieve a fast ROI and immediate efficiency and accuracy benefits, our cutting-edge system integrates directly into core business systems such HR and payroll. Errors are reduced with direct exports and avoidance of data double entry.
  • Effective People Management
    Time and attendance registers can be used for staff roll calls and fire roll call scenarios, streamlining and accounting for personnel on site.