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Time & Attendance

Managing your workforce and workplace in an optimal way can significantly improve your financial bottom line. Implementation with TouchStar time & attendance hardware can be the key factor in better management of your employee working hours. We can help reduce administration paperwork and wasted time by capturing critical data automatically and ensuring that data is instantly available and transparent to senior management.


The benefits derived from the adoption of an automated Time & Attendance system will vary depending on your organisations precise working patterns. However, typical benefits include;

  • Simplified Creation of Schedules - The TouchStar time and attendance system can be configured and adapted to include reflect specific production cycles, working practices, flexi-time, shift work and holidays
  • Compliance with Employment & Workplace Legislation - An automated time and attendance system will help ensure that workers’ schedules conform to Legislation relating to permitted working hours, compulsory break times etc.
  • Integration with other core business systems (e.g. HR and Payroll systems) - Data can be exported direct to other business systems, eliminating the potential for error caused by data double entry
  • Reduce Absenteeism and improve punctuality - Quantitative real-time data ensures problem areas and absence incidents are readily identified, allowing appropriate action before the situation gets out of hand or becomes a repeat pattern
  • Easy installation - Traditional attendance terminals operating in real time, generally need to be hard-wired to a physical communications network, often the user's LAN. Our Nohmad system operates under GPRS wireless technology, meaning flexible and easy wire-free installation.


We are customer-centric and the exact manner in which you engage with TouchStar is determined by your needs. Our current range comprises

  • In-house manufactured time and attendance terminals
  • A choice of input methodologies including fingerprint, iButton, Mifare, proximity, barcode, magstripe etc. The third party technologies we incorporate are from industry leading specialists such as;

  • Cloud-Based technology – FastLane & FastConnect are M2M device management software & hardware components that help developers, value added partners and end users fully manage “edge” devices using mobile data across a secure M2M network. Click here to discover more.
  • Communication Software – our software enables communication with all types of terminals if they are FAMS or IP protocols. It ensures the configuration is up-to-date, synchronises the time and date with the server and collects real time data when it is entered at the terminal
  • All required peripheral equipment e.g. desktop readers, CCD & barcode scanners etc.