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Securing Nurseries

Statutory requirements: “Under the Children Act 1989, local authorities are required to provide services for children in need for the purposes of safeguarding and promoting their welfare.” - HM Government document ‘Working together to safeguard children’.

TouchStar ATC Limited understand the requirements set out by the UK Government and Ofsted in order to protect and safeguard children. In order to protect those in their younger years, TouchStar have integrated with ievo Ltd to provide biometric systems that protect and improve safety measures in nurseries.



One of the key features of outstanding practice according to Ofsted is: “robust arrangements for site security, understood and applied by staff and pupils”. Taking this on board TouchStar ATC Limited understand that nurseries need to protect children and staff members and offer parents piece of mind that their children are safe in a protected environment while out of their care.

ievo Ltd biometric solutions provide a safe and secure environment by utilising fingerprint recognition technology to govern access. As fingerprints are developed as an individual grows, children of a young age* may not process enough identifiable data points on their fingerprint to use such a system, therefore ievo systems are recommended to be used to control access for staff members and parents, ensuring that only those who are registered are allowed access. The control access system will provide a safe and secure environment for safeguard younger children in the early years of education and development.



TouchStar ATC Limited has completed a full integration with the ievo readers and other systems that could add to the control and security of a building and surrounding areas.

Other systems and partners TouchStar ATC Limited have integrated with include:

  • Salto – for their wire free option,
  • FAAC – for their vehicle barriers,
  • Clarke Instruments – for their external turnstiles
  • idl – for their internal turnstiles.

Adding all of these technology partners together makes TouchStar ATC Limited and all round provider.



High levels of security are a vital concern to parents and can be a deciding factor when choosing a nursery or childcare centre, likewise knowing which system to install is vital for staff to understand. ievo’s innovative technology seamlessly integrates into new or existing security systems allowing for flexibility in installation.

When registering a fingerprint with ievo devices, advanced sensors and algorithms are used to scan and collect the required biometric data to create a ‘2D digital wire frame’ of the data, which is stored for identification purposes. This will only grant access to registered users, protecting and securing those within.



ievo’s biometric readers removes any potential vulnerabilities of card, fobs/token systems, by giving control back to the system. Only a registered fingerprints will be able to access the facility. To be in line with best practice however, ievo solutions can be installed with a card reader function which will accept some card systems, allowing duel access for staff or parents who do not wish to use biometric data, but still safeguarding them under the same security measures.




Controlled security is paramount in providing a safe environment for children and staff. Knowing who has access and when is vital in maintaining a safety net. Biometric identification supports a high level of security and ievo fingerprint readers are designed to integrate into access control systems by adding an additional layer of security to an infrastructure.



TouchStar’s solutions often contain a mix of technologies including ievo biometric readers which can be installed in a variety of ways, with either just main entrance points with one reader, or a system of multiple readers and reader types installed throughout a facility. Different access rights can be given to different users via our MicroTrak Evolution access control system, allowing, for example, only staff to access staff only areas, e.g. supply rooms or facility management areas.




  • Safeguarding children, staff and parents
  • Simple and highly effective solutions
  • Cost effective
  • Improved health and safety records
  • Fully customisable and serviceable up to and after the point of sale
  • Future proof design - for any future upgrading or additional development of your security system