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The Office for National Statistics published figures stating that in 2014 there were over half a million people aged 90 and over, living in the United Kingdom (UK) and that the number of people aged 100 and over has risen by 72% over the last decade. These statistics increase the need for safe and secure environments for our relatives and loved ones to feel at home in, to find the right level of care and independence. ievo solutions have been designed to operate simply and effectively, without causing disruptions to routines or taking away vital resources for care or support.

The autonomous nature of ievo devices means that care staff are not required to operate or manage complicated time sheets, visitor logs or monitor entrances. Working with an access control system, ievo fingerprint readers allow personnel and authorised visitors to be controlled via set access permissions – these permissions can be adapted and controlled by staff members providing new visitors access as new residents are enrolled. The system reduces costs and resources normally associated with access control monitoring and gives care staff more time to concentrate on providing the personal care and attention their residents deserve.



Touchstar’s system work by using an individual’s fingerprint as an identification point. Upon registration, the ievo system will capture and convert key feature data from a fingerprint into a template for future identification.

An advanced algorithm uses the extracted data to create the template, which is unique to the individual, and stores it in a database on a separate ievo control board, keeping your data safe. This template is only access by the ievo control board for identification purposes and cannot be reversed engineered to recreate the original fingerprint image.




Resident safety and well-being is the primary focus for the care home sector, ievo’s biometric technology works in conjunction with access control systems to offer a wide range of benefits.

Touchstar and ievo systems integrate into most access control infrastructures to provide a solution that protects residents, staff and visitors and can also increase efficiencies of human resource and health and safety management.

Using biometric security reduces vulnerabilities and costs normally associated with using swipe cards, PINs or fobs – all of which can be shared, lost or stolen, incurring costs for replacements and leaving your security exposed. Without the need of secondary credentials, not only are your security measures improved, but they will be simpler and easier to use, thus ensuring a higher standard of care.



Registered templates can be given different access permissions via an access control system, and it is here that time and attendance patterns can be monitored. Care homes often require staff to work various shift patterns, which can be complicated and different to record. Using a time and attendance system with ievo devices means that staff members’ simply need to scan their finger to register the start/end of a shift, providing recordings of shift patterns to ensure accuracy of payroll. This data can also be used to provide accurate records for health and safety protocols and fire security.

Alongside monitoring shift patterns, access to secure areas also require security measures. Controlling the access to storage areas for prescriptions and drugs along with general access to the facility need to be closely monitored, to prevent opportunists looking to steal personal possessions, drugs and valuable medical equipment.

Likewise access control is required to prevent vulnerable residents wandering into unsecured areas, and also to help control access for regular visitors and medical deliveries.



  • Efficient system to allow focus of care
  • Round the clock security
  • Records and track complicated shift patterns
  • Accurate payroll data
  • Reliable and accurate identification for users
  • Cost effective
  • No secondary credentials
  • Improved health and safety records
  • A high standard of care
  • Improved resource managemen


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