RX2 Reader Resources

The ELITE series RX2 advanced access control reader features an elegant design that is ideal for surface mounting directly to most plain wall finishes.
The reader is particularly useful for upgrading from magnetic stripe readers with minimal or no cosmetic impact to the mounting surface. This powerfully secure and innovative reader has a beautifully clean aesthetic and features an RGB LED that can be applied to many applications, e.g. colour coded access levels, migration status or mood lighting.
The unit is moulded using tough polycarbonate/ABS plastic and includes a shadow line backplate, a subtle design feature that makes the reader appear to float on the wall.
RX2 Reader Resources


Dimensions: 144mm x 54mm x 21mm (5.7 x 2.1 x 0.8 inches)
Housing: Moulded polycarbonate/ABS
Mounting: Wall surface

1 - +Vdc Supply Voltage (+5Vdc to +16Vdc)
2 - DATA1 / CLK Wiegand or Clock/Data Output
3 - DATA0 / DAT Wiegand or Clock/Data output
4 - GREEN green LED control input
5 - RED red LED control input
6 - BUZZER Buzzer control input
7 - TMPR / CP Tamper or Card Present output
8 - OV Suply voltage ground
9 - TTL TX TTL transmit line
10 - TTL RX TTL receive line

Operating Temperature: - 20°C to + 60°C
Humidity: 0 - 100% RHNC
Ingress Protection: IP65

Voltage: +5Vdc to +16Vdc
Current: 250mA Typical
Data Voltage: Rest>4Vdc / Active<1Vdc
Data Output: Wiegand, Clock & Data
Indication: 1 RGB LED
Sounder: Integral speaker