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CCTV Surveillance Cameras

The use of CCTV cameras is increasingly making our society a safer place to live and work. 

CCTV cameras we provide are of good quality and high definition in either day/night, colour or monochrome format with low light sensitivity fitted auto iris lenses which automatically comp- ensate for changing light levels, providing high quality, good definition pictures through both day and night conditions. 

Fully meeting your surveillance requirements, utilising conventional dome overt and covert systems and our attention to detail, we ensure that your organisation will benefit because people feel more secure and stock or equipment is safeguarded. 

Feedback AFS install cameras in all types of public places - hospitals, colleges, retail and business parks, banks - offering reassurance, deterring crime and anti-social behaviour and storing information.

With capacity to integrate quality cameras into other security systems, Feedback AFS install to suit a variety of needs and locations including inhospitable environments. Providing fast, accessible and clear images essential for accurate recovery of information, Feedback AFS surveillance systems give greater protection and peace of mind.

As an Independent company we have the edge over our competitors as we are not tied down to specific manufacturers, as such we source the right equipment for the bespoke solution, tailor making the CCTV system around your needs and requirements.

Instant playback options
Round the clock monitoring of remote sites
Zoom functions to focus in on suspicious activity
Simultaneous multiple views
Uninterrupted transmission to monitoring centres regardless of distance, weather or environment