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How to enable the offline SALTO handles audit trail
If you are trying to use audit on keys, you need to turn these features on in the door details: Audit on keys - ticked

And the user:
Audit openings in the key - ticked You will need to re-edition the user keys, SVN will not do this.

User audits should then be carried on their keys until they go through an online reader. The other option is to collect the audits with the PPD.

Resetting SALTO offline door handle
From your new database, when you click the ‘Connect PPD’ button, select the door that needs to be commissioned and tick the box at the bottom of the screen, ‘Initialize locks’.

When the download is complete, remove your PPD, turn it on and scroll through the menu to ‘Initialize door’, select the door in question if there is more than one and click ok, you should be asked to connect to lock.

You will now need to press and hold the CLR button on the inside half of the escutcheon, just above the batteries and you should see an orange light on the reader. While still holding the CLR button, plug the PPD into the reader. The PPD will make a noise while it initialises the escutcheon, when it is complete, you may remove the PPD.

You may want to plug the PPD back into the PC and click the ‘Connect PPD’ button again just to remove any red handles in the software telling you that the door needs updating.

Installing ievo lumidigm desktop reader drivers
1. In Windows Explorer, navigate to “C:\Program Files\Lumidigm\Drivers_v4.50\Win7_x86”.
2. Double click on “dpinst.exe”.
3. A system window will pop up stating that “An unidentified program wants access to your computer.” Click on the “Allow” button.
4. Another window will open up with “Welcome to the Lumidigm Device Installer.” Click on the “Next” button.
5. Accept the EULA and click on the “Next” button.

Mifare reader decode in evolution
The correct firmware for a MK1 evolution door controller is EV-APM-13A and for EVO-2 is S1-EDC-0. The Media settings in Evolution are ClockData ISO Track 2.

Microtrak IP+
Does Microtrak IP+ work with 64 bit operating systems?
Microtrak IP+ was never designed to work on 64 bit operating systems.

Why can I not add more than 10 area controllers?
In older versions of the software there was a limit on the quantity permitted. Even though you could physically add them to the area controller page, they would never come online.

This can be overcome by creating the following registry entry:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Feedback Data Ltd\Microtrak IP+\Microtrak\Settings\bIsMoreThan10Ports

It is a DWORD value. 0 = disabled, 1 = enabled.

What colours can I use for printing barcodes?
There are certain colours that cannot be read as they do not have a carbon content which infra-red readers require. In general it is best to ensure all barcodes are carbon black. In the case of most modern badge printers this will be the case anyway.

What is Media manipulation and how does it work?
Media manipulation allows you to use badges in the software whilst only looking for certain characters. For example, if you wish to use existing badges but they have a lot of characters (typical of magnetic stripe), you do not need to enter the entire length into the software but can use media manipulation to look for only a certain number of characters. If using a badge of "0123456789", by setting the Start Char as '4' and Length as '3', the first character to be read would be '4' and the length read would be '3' hence '456' could be entered as the Badge number instead of the full number.

Media manipulation is particularly useful to ensure people do not swipe credit cards and confuse your access control system.

Why do all the badges on the system show "Not in List" after sending a full re-synchronise to the Area Controller from microtrak?
This can happen if media manipulation is being used as this is not sent with a full re-synch. Check to see if you are using manipulation and if you are, click on OK to send it to the Area Controller.

Why can I not close the program?
You cannot exit microtrak correctly unless you are logged in first. This is a security feature and will stop unauthorised personnel shutting the software down. It is recommended that when the administrator has finished working on the software that they always logout before leaving the system unattended. Obviously there is further protection via the login password, and this will also make it difficult for any unauthorised activity to take place. However, a system reboot or task manager shutdown cannot be prevented.

What is a Super Group and how does it work?
A Super Group can be used to give selected users on the system access to previously existing sub groups. For instance, anyone made a member of a Super Group will have the same access rights as those belonging to any Guest Group.

Why will Microtrak not run on Windows 2000?
When Microtrak is used with Windows 2000 there are some problems that occur if the user is logging on to Windows as anything less than an ​. To get around these problems we need to adjust the following settings while logged on as an Administrator.

Using Windows Explorer, go to the Program Files>Feedback Data Limited>Microtrak directory and adjust the Security settings under Properties for the Users and or Power Users to have full access. This will allow Microtrak to delete its temporary files on startup. 

Run Regedt32.
CLSID Microtrak.Document

Adjust the security settings so that Users and or Power Users have Full Access (This will only be available if Microtrak has been run at least once).
Still in Regedt32 goto:
HKEY_LOCALMACHINE Software>ODBC>ODBC.INI>DoorHistory & DoorBackup
Adjust the settings of these two as before.

What switch do I change to select between Bar Code or Magstripe/Proximity readers on a Door Controller?
SW3 on the circuit board switch bank dictates the type of reader input that the Door Controller is expecting. In the OFF position, Barcode readers can be used, in the ON position, Magstripe or Proximity readers can be used.

Why do I not get the required results when generating a report?
The most common reason for this is that previous filter settings have not been removed. Go to the Records menu then Filter/Sort/Order and clear any filter criteria that have been previously set. The required report options can then be selected.