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Healthcare: Wen

Wen Extended Care improves effectiveness of time and attendance tracking with Schlage HandPunch®

“Our employees feel a lot more comfortable with the HandPunch® than they would with any kind of fingerprinting system.” - Joseph Malone, Controller, Wen Extended Care


Wen Extended Care gains accurate time and attendance records with Schlage HandPunch® biometric HandReaders.

Business need

In a nursing home, where so many people need daily attention, it’s important to ensure that employees are arriving on time and staying through the end of their shifts. Wen Extended Care needed a reliable, fast and accurate system for ensuring that their 1,300 employees were on site for their entire shifts. The company’s existing badge and time card system made time tracking and reporting difficult, as many employees lost their badges or time cards.


Accurate attendance tracking was a must, not only for Wen Extended Care’s own bookkeeping and payroll, but also for reporting to government agencies.


Wen Extended Care invested in Schlage HandPunch®, a highly reliable HandReader that verifies employees’ identities in less than one second, based on the unique size and shape of their hands. “It doesn’t take a fingerprint, which would have been very unpopular,” said Malone. “We also like it because it’s easy for our employees, who speak many different languages.”

Having the HandPunch’s automated records also ensures that any required reporting to government agencies will be absolutely accurate. Malone adds that the company also likes the fact that all of the HandReaders at one site can be hooked up with a single modem, a cost-saving feature. “The HandPunch system from Schlage provides exactly what we were looking for,” said Malone.

Polling of punch data can be done on demand, or set up to run automatically at userdefined intervals. The HandReaders are “daisy chained,” so only one modem is required at each site, and phone line costs are minimized.


The first HandPunches were installed at Wen Extended Care in July 1998 and today they have a total of 14 HandPunch clocks installed in three locations. “We liked the HandPunch a lot when we first saw it,” said Malone.

The HandPunch readers enable Wen Extended Care to provide efficient, high-quality patient care.

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