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Service Industry: Top Job

Schlage HandPunch® saves personnel agency money, improves time and attendance tracking.

“The HandPunch® system we have today is far superior to the old system. It’s easy, accurate and a lot less expensive.” - Charles Kirsch, President, Top Job Personnel


Top Job Personnel improves time and attendance tracking with HandPunch® biometric hand readers.

Business need

Top Job Personnel is a dynamic, growing company with five locations and up to 600 people coming and going at different client sites each day. It was an environment that made it easy for “buddy punching”, where employees punch in for colleagues who hadn’t shown up for work. Before Top Job Personnel installed the HandPunch, the company was losing an estimated 5 to 10 percent of payroll to buddy punching. It was also spending additional money to have hundreds of time cards processed manually.


The company needed an accurate time and attendance system for their payroll, and to ensure employees were at their clients’ sites when their records showed they were. “We felt we had a duty to our customers to provide the best service we could,” said Kirsch, “and we were looking to save money. I saw an ad for the HandPunch, and I knew that it was what I wanted.”


Top Job Personnel installed the first Schlage HandReader in 1994 and today they use more than 30 HandPunches. The HandPunch uses hand geometry technology to verify employees’ identities in less than one second, based on the unique size and shape of their hands.

“The system we have today is far superior to the old system,” said Charles Kirsch, President of Top Job Personnel. “It’s easy, accurate and a lot less expensive. And it’s a good selling point with our clients. “Top Job’s employees also wear ID cards, which are scanned by a bar code reader attached to each HandPunch. Polling of punch data can be done on demand, or set up to run automatically at userdefined intervals. The hand readers are “daisy chained,” so only one modem is required at each site, and phone line costs are minimized.

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