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Leisure: Major Cricket Club

The Challenge

TouchStar recently installed an access control system into a 12,000 capacity ground that has hosted many international matches. Our client already had a TouchStar system in place for members, who were able to load their match tickets onto a card and then use a card swipe to access the ground.

As the club had also begun to work with TouchStar partner Green4 Solutions, a sport and leisure CRM specialist, a new access control solution was needed that would allow all fans with tickets automated entry to the ground.

In addition, Green4 wanted to boost its offering to the client by creating notifications when specific customers come through the turnstiles on match day. The objective was to recognise loyal supporters and offer them rewards and incentives to attend more matches.

The Solution

Green4 has software that the Cricket Club uses to sell tickets via online and telephone services. The club then sends out the tickets for fans to bring to the game they wish to attend.

The new TouchStar solution is able to scan these tickets and let the Green4 software know that a specific customer is in the ground. Green4 is then able to send a text message or digital voucher directly to that person offering an incentive, such as a free coffee.

TouchStar achieved this goal by upgrading the existing solution to its latest Evolution system. With Green4, Touchstar also developed a dynamic, cloud-based link to allow for the exchange of information

Green4 downloads ticket information via this link the day before a match. TouchStar then uses that information to validate tickets as spectators arrive. Each validation creates a transition so that organisers know that the ticket holder is in the ground

This process also improves security as tickets can’t be used twice – except by the same user who can go in and out, as longer cricket matches tend to see spectators come and go throughout the day.

Choosing TouchStar

TouchStar was able to capitalise on its original installation by expanding the offering and creating a new solution customised to the club’s needs.

The client initially tried to continue only using the slot readers but quickly recognised the benefits of TouchStar’s scanning system, which could read the barcodes printed on the tickets much quicker.

The club is now future-proofed if it develops additional ticketing methods, such as texts, emails or QR codes, as all can be read by the TouchStar solution.