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Leisure: Hilton Waterfront

The Hilton Waterfront Beach Resort uses biometrics for access control and time & attendance.

“Since employees can’t lose or forget their hands, these biometric readers eliminate the need for employees to carry a badge, thus purging the problem of lost or forgotten badges. This also saves us time and money.” - Romy Robb, Payroll Administrator, Hilton Waterfront Beach Resort


The Hilton Waterfront Beach Resort, a AAA four-diamond rated Hilton waterfront beach resort that offers 290 rooms with luxurious accommodations situated in Huntington Beach, California, uses a Schlage biometric HandPunch reader to input time and attendance for tracking more than 330 employees. As a result, the Hilton has better controlled payroll costs by eliminating all buddy punching, in which one employee clocks in or out for another.

Business Need

“With more than 300 employees, buddy punching had become a challenge a couple of years ago,” reports Romy Robb, Payroll Administrator at the Hilton Waterfront Beach Resort. “So, instead of using old magnetic stripe ID cards, we switched to the HandPunch reader in 2004.” The HandPunch reader automatically takes a reading of the size and shape of a hand and verifies the user’s identity in less than one second.


When reviewing which biometric to use, the resort’s staff did not accept fingerprint readers because they expected employee resistance due to the use of fingerprints. The HandPunch reader was accepted as much less intrusive. Because it integrated with their system, the HandPunch provided a smooth transition from the old ID card system.


At the resort, the reader is conveniently located at the employee entrance, across from the security office. Such proximity increases facility security because everyone who goes in and out is screened at the entry and exit points.

The payroll is done from a different location because data from the HandPunch is transferable and accessible via the Internet.


“We are very happy with the HandPunch,” continues Robb. “It is easy to operate. With its help, we can produce all types of payroll reports. Right now, we are using the HandPunch for five different pay rates, but our possibilities are unlimited. The HandPunch is also helpful in tracking employee meals, which we need for tax reporting purposes.”

Employee Management Solutions in Laguna Niguel, California, implemented the resort’s time and attendance solution. The HandPunch interfaces with NOVAtime time and attendance software.

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