System Integration
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System Integration

We have designed a middleware software module that operates as an integration platform for HR, time and attendance and access control applications. It is ideal for integration projects that require flexibility and reliability.

The software can be used on large scale, processing data-intensive systems. The middleware provides support for market leading databases and applications including Microsoft, SAP and Oracle solutions. The software uses data sourcing and processing tasks, and is designed to present in an intuitive, visual manner. Once the data flow is designed, the middleware allows you to monitor the state of defined tasks, making it easier to detect and react to any processing warnings and or potential errors.


  • The software is based on the industry standard client / server architecture and utilises .NET communication technologies
  • The software uses extensive logging facilities and integrates with Windows Event Viewer, as well as Microsoft Message Queuing (MSMQ) services, for failsafe communication across heterogeneous networks
  • The Middleware is a designed as a dynamic interface tool that can link the Evolution access control software to almost any other system, enabling the automatic transfer of data from a separate system into the access control software. This saves you time and money and prevents mistakes. For example, it eliminates re-keying of data e.g. between access control and personnel systems, thereby reducing errors caused by manual entry
  • Our system can also link to your fire alarm panel, automatically opening the doors, printing a muster roll call, sending e-mails and controlling CCTV and pager systems in the event of a fire